Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: June 1973

In June of 1973 we were on leave between Lowry AFB in Denver and MacDill AFB in Florida.  We went home to Minnesota before heading to Florida.

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Yes in June in Minnesota you may need a sweater and a hat on a small child.  Our daughter Trica was 14 months old.

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My baby brother (19 years old) and Trica on a rope swing in the back yard at my parents farm in Carsonville Township.

Recently I saw a mother with a almost new baby…with no hat…and the day was chilly, a blanket wrapped losely around the small child.  What is wrong with new mothers now a days…babies need to be wrapped up. I guess it is no skin off my nose if they want to spend all night up with a screaming baby.

Trica was prone to ear infections and keeping a hat on her made all the difference in the world !

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Val Ewing said...

I can recall wearing long pants and a jacket in June when I first would come to my Grandparents place for the summer. And I can recall mom insisting we could still wear shorts as the day would eventually warm up!
This morning I have on a sweatshirt and hoodie along with sweatpants for my morning walk. It is 50!
I like these mornings, they are so refreshing.
As for little ones? Odd isn't it that no one uses hats like that anymore. I wonder if it is a 'style' thing?

Patsy said...

I see baby's with NO socks and or No shoes on out every where
when it is cold weather, I want
to say something so bad.

Cynthia said...

Here it is the sun -- no hats, no sunglasses, bareheaded babies in the sun. I so miss those cool Minnestotan evenings and mornings, I can't tell ya!

DJan said...

I love your wistful Wednesday post. It's cool here at this time of the year, pretty perfect if you ask me. I smiled at the cute little toddler in your pictures. :-)

marlu said...

I remember asking our doctor, how do I dress the baby for the weather? (Duh!) He said, "Just dress him like you are dressed. If you need a sweater, put one on him. Same with hats. I don't think that would work now. I see folks on the chilliest days in short sleeved t-shirts and shorts.

Lynda said...

Agreed with keeping them warm and protected from the elements. I don't think we got sick as often as kids today. We had good home-cooked meals. When we ate out as kids, it was diner type food or family restaurants - - still good nutrition. No fast food. It didn't really exist for a few years - - especially in the small towns where we lived.
We were outside in all kinds of weather - - - even recess in the winter at school - - - but we had on boots, snow pants, coats, hats, scarves, and mittens!

Tired Teacher said...

Have you noticed the shoes that small children are wearing? No support for their little feet. While the sandals and jellies may look cute, they are not very practical as footwear for little ones.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Many have only socks on:(

Red said...

I guess they do things differently today. I see infants with nor much coverage in the winter.

Betsy said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I see children dress in the craziest ways nowadays, of course the parents aren’t dressed much differently! I don’t think our kids were nearly as sick as the children are now either. Boy, I sound old! On another note. My husband was stationed at Lowry in Denver in 1974. You just missed each other! Blessings, Betsy

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes some of these new mothers now days are clueless about how to dress their baby or toddler

L. D. said...

There are so many people out there that don’t understand how to take care of children. I see people out with their kid with no coat of hat but they have theirs on. The oldest son had ear infection, even in the summer. His younger son has that now too.

Anonymous said...

Our only would get ear infections in a new York minute, I had to put knitted caps on her or she would lose her hearing the ear doctor told me I think he wanted to scare me so he said always put a cap on that blonde baby doll..well she never got sick if I had the caps on and I never left her with relatives who did not know anything about babies..I was so careful she had to be bundled up all the time, we live in Washington state and where we live it is cool and windy and rainy most of the year, when it got sweltering hot I still had a sunbonnet on her head and shoes and sox and a top with a sweater I did not care about what others thought, she was fine..she hated cold and loves the heat born on one of the hottest November day in Colorado in 1977 they ever had, she is a sunshine doll..she still hates cold and wet..but adores hot and more hot..I love your blog you know how to treat babies and doggies and your husband, what a wonderful lady you are..ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!