Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fern Leaf Peony

My Fern Leaf Peony from Larry was covered with ants.

Fern leaf peony



Here you can see that the ants are still busy.  Ants love peonies.

It was a beautiful bloom this year!

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  1. That is a beauty of a color and I love the leaves. Yes peonies are loved by ants. I have to keep my peonies far away from the house and we float them in a large bowl of water as a center piece. I just love love love peonies!

  2. I don't blame the ants. The smell alone is ... divine. Goodnight Gram has a recipe for peony jam on her blog. If I had some peonies, I'd make it. Imagine how it would taste!

  3. I actually gave my peony away. I couldn't handle all the ants.

  4. The one peony that I moved to the new place had many buds as I brought a big clump. Only three blooms actually bloomed though. Maybe next year you can have two blooms.

  5. My peony hasn't popped yet. Maybe it's because there are no ants tickling it.

  6. I actually thought peonies require ants in order to open. But I could be wrong. Sure is a pretty color, I must say! :-)

  7. I've never seen that many ants on a Peony before. Kind of creepy but harmless.
    I have a Peony that colour but it isn't a fern leaf.

    1. I was going to say the same thing, all of it! Next to no ants here and the peonies are gorgeous!

  8. I've also heard that the peony needs the ant for the bloom to open. Don't know if that's right.

  9. I had also heard that peonies need nots to bloom. Yours is beautiful.

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  11. I used to have a fern leaf on the farm. You are right...this year I had the most blooms ever but down here there just tiny ants on them and not very many at all. Strange down here....few mosquitoes too...very few but lots of ticks!!!


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