Monday, June 4, 2018

Chance: Sharing

Hiya it is me Chance the most handsome Border Collie in Minnesota!

Far Side woke me up early on Friday morning and took me to the groomer…she said she was done trying to make me look good by herself.  I didn’t want to come out of the car and down the ramp at all…she had to yank on my harness and put one arm behind my butt to get me started…she said I was being a pill…well I just didn’t want to go inside that place.

It was a tough day for me and it tuckered me all out.  Far Guy picked me up all by himself. I had no problem going up the ramp for Far Guy. Far Side disappeared but showed up late the next day.  She checked on me in Facetime I guess…I was asleep.


That bird is getting a drink.

Birds must share

The bird could have stayed…I would have shared.

Yard patrol

Most of the time yard patrol looks like this.

Heard something

I get up when I smell something.

Then I bark..and scare Far Side who is sure it is a bear.

Heard something else

It was just a deer… I barked and it ran away. Far Side woulda got a photo but she was too busy looking for a big black bear not a brown deer.

I don’t hear much anymore, my eyesight close up is so bad that when I am given a treat it must be an open palm…I mistakenly can bite a finger and make people say bad word bad word.

When Far Side was gone, Far Guy fixed my food…he was eating too so I wanted what he was having so he let me smell of his dish and I grabbed a piece of muskmelon spit it out before going back to my own dish…that fruit stuff tastes terrible. So much for best buds sharing everything.



Victoria Zigler said...

I kind of like groomers, because I get lots of attention. I like the vet for the same reason.

Humans and other animals don't share as good as they should, do they? My Mummy human is especially bad for having the wrong foods for sharing... She eats almost all fruits and veggies. Sometimes she has cheese though, which I like. Daddy is best, because he often has chicken.

Lots of licks,

Val Ewing said...

Ahhh, old dogs are as precious as they come. I love you Chance and thank you for telling me how you are doing. I love your harness and new 'do'. You would have enjoyed meeting Mr. Morris, you guys could have compared good notes!

Cynthia said...

Hey, Chance! Bob the Border Collie here, and I am a connoisseur of birdbath water, too!!! My favorite flavor in Pine Needle but Pine Pollen is fun, too! It turns my muzzle yellow!! You take care now, buddy!!!

linda m said...

Thank you Chance for the update on how you are doing. You are looking real good after your visit to the groomer. Glad you are around to keep Far Side safe from those bears.

DJan said...

You sure do look spiffy, Chance. I know what it's like to get old and slowly lose your faculties, too. I wish I looked as good as you do! :-)

marlu said...

Love this report!

Karen said...

Black and White with a dash of red makes a striking mix! Keep thinking that I need to get Jake and Luna to the self serve doggy wash. Leaving them at the groomer would stress us all out no end, so I do it myself. Great report on your humans!

Rita said...

You must be much cooler without all the extra fur. Looking good!
It's hard to know what you're doing when you can't see well.
Glad you are still on yard patrol! :)

Terry and Linda said...

You look good, Chance! Mom always says I look good after the groomer episode...what a HUGE nasty thing to have happen to a dog...CLEAN FUR!!! As soon as I get home (and Mom isn't looking) I ROLL in the grass or in the farm road, or out by the hay stacks. THERE! All better now. Boomer

Bonnie said...

Hi Chance! I love to hear from you. I'm sorry you didn't like going to the groomers but I bet you felt much better when you were done. You sure do look handsome! I understand Far Side being concerned about the bear. That is one visitor you want to stay away from! Love you Chance!

Paula said...

I love having a chance to listen to Chance. You're looking good, old boy!

Linda W. said...

Chance, you're still one handsome dude.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You look good Chance, getting older sucks and having ones eyesight go as well as all the other problems of getting older just sucks

Betsy said...

Chance, You’re looking very handsome. This getting older isn’t so great is it? I understand entirely since my eyesight isn’t great anymore and my legs are getting stiffer. That’s what happens when you’re 12 I guess. Great job on keeping Far Side safe from the dear. You never know when it could be a bear. I do the same for my Mom when we’re at the lake. Have a great day Chance. From Chloe

Red said...

Thanks for your news. It sounds like life isn't too bad for you.

Granny Marigold said...

Keep on watching for bears and deer, Chance. You do a real good job of keeping the yard safe from intruders.

goodnightgram said...

Hiya Chance, Thanks for the report ffrom up north. I wish someone would take me to the gromer once in a while. Maybe it would help... though a harness and having someone put one hand behind my butt might not result in proper language from me. It's good to know you would have shared the water with the bird. You're very polite.

Shirley said...

Looking spiffy Chance!
Good thing you barked at the deer- you never know, the bear may have been nearby too!

L. D. said...

Your groomers do a nice job. We never took Barney to a groomer and we should have. He would not tolerate any of that now. He gets garden hose baths with the warm water spigot that we have in our garage. The deer are hiding in timber right now as the corn hasn’t become tall enough. It was planted eerily this year so it will be two feet tall by the fourth of July.