Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wildlife Cooperation

Of course we are involved in this cooperation.  We buy the Niger Thistle seed to fill the feeders.
The Redpolls empty the feeders almost daily.  Sometimes we can skip a day but not often.
Under the feeder you may notice some brown amongst the black.
Turd makers
Here is one of the turd makers.  They feed in this area after dark and very early in the morning.  There is a rabbit highway that leads out of the woods into the yard.  We have three rabitts…one is smaller than the others.  I hope that the Silver and Red Foxes don’t find them.

Sometimes we put out carrots and sometimes corn.  Sometimes the thistle seed that the Redpolls drop is enough for them.  I like watching them out the kitchen window.
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  1. Yes, I have a brown patio and for several feet the lawn beyond my patio. I try to sweep the patio off but the majority of the rabbit poop is frozen on to the cement--enough that you can't easily even kick it free--LOL! But I love to watch them...and the birds.

    Snow supposed to come again today. I wouldn't mind covering up the brown with a layer of clean white snow. Not that the clean will last more than a day--hehe! ;)

  2. We don't have a bird feeder at the moment. We had one for years.
    :) on the rabbits. We have so many around us that we sort of consider them pests.
    My elderly dog, Morris believes those turds and rabbit turds are merely smart pellets.

  3. In our 15 years here at coastal Georgia we've seen exactly 1 bunny.

  4. Since my new neighbors let their six cats freely roam the neighborhood, the bunny population is zero, and the birds don't visit anymore. The only wild critters still around are two squirrels who have a nest in one of my trees.

  5. Wow do you ever have the birds. We don't see nearly that many at one time. The squirrels take residence in my feeders. I believe that's why we don't get as many. Have a good day.

  6. I miss our trips up to Sax Zim to see all the rare winter birds from Canada. Oh well. As to rabbits not much of a problem but the neighbor with the giant deer feeder in his back yard has "visitors" from half of Fillmore County...:(

  7. Feeders provide a lot of pleasure for the audience as well as some extra food for the visitors.

  8. I always enjoyed watching the the diffident birds that
    came to our feeders. Miss seeing the rabbets even the bad
    squirrels. Here we can have no feeders because of rats.
    That comes with living in the city.

  9. That seed is pretty expensive here. Lucky birds! What kind of hare is that- it has pretty short ears.

    1. Yes Niger is about a dollar a pound here, I buy a 30 Ib bag and it is 29.99 WELL I am not sure what kind of rabbit it is...that is a long story perhaps one I should tell someday...just say I may be partially responsible for the rabbits in these woods:)

  10. Cute bunny with short ears. I used to put niger seed in my feeders but the neighbors complained about all the black stuff. :-)

  11. It must be wonderful to be able to watch all that wildlife. Your very own real life nature shows.

  12. We only use sunflower chips and suet now, to eliminate the debris. We don't get many niger seed eating birds here in the suburbs anyway.
    But we do have rabbits! That is, when the cats or coyotes don't get them. They seem to have diminished again, but they will probably rebound.
    It's good that you have wildlife for entertainment while you avoid the "wildlife" away from home now.

  13. Damn what great photos, watching wildlife is amazing isn't it, unless the wildlife is attacking you or a loved one

  14. I love seeing yard bunnies. I found some tracks in the snow during our "winter" last month.

  15. I love it! My birds don't seem to like nyger seed!


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