Monday, October 31, 2016

Happenings and Hallowen

We went for a drive, I have been wanting to fulfill a few requests for photos at Find A Grave.  We struck out with two names but had good luck with the rest of what we were looking for.  I walked among the graves up and down the hill and got my walk in for the day. We were the only ones there…well the only ones alive.


Most of my Dad’s relatives are buried at this cemetery, and very few of their grave stones are photographed.  I took enough photos to keep me busy for a few days.   If the weather holds I will go back for a few more photographs.

Back at home the lawn mower has been put away for the winter, it is cleaned up and washed off and in the garage.


Let the rest of the leaves fall where they may rest for the winter.  The bird bath is still out because it has been warm enough for the birds to use it…and they have been using it.

It feels good to be done with the yard for the winter.  I will get the snow stick out one day this week.   It is on my list.

Happy halloween

Chance was not thrilled to wear the Halloween hat but he wishes you a Happy Halloween anyway!


What a headless dog…NO it is just Chance escaping the dreaded hat. Our treats are all bagged up and we have a lot of extra candy so we hope we have a record year with trick or treaters! There will be photos of costumes tomorrow! Next to May Day… Halloween is my second best liked holiday!

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  1. Happy Halloween to you guys and Chance! We can't persuade Theo to wear a hat either! lol I look forward to your photos tomorrow.
    Your yard looks very neat. Hard to believe it's time for the snow stick again.

  2. Happy Halloween to you and Chance. Your yard looks so nice and clean. Mine is full of leaves that need to still be mulched. It was windy over the weekend and the trees "shed" some more. I love Chance's costume. Tell him he looks very handsome in it.

  3. Enjoy the little ones who come by for treats.

  4. I've got a little candy for those few kids who come by here. I'll have my porch light on and hope for the best. Happy Halloween, dear ones! That means you, too, Chance. :-)

  5. Interesting that you are visiting graves so close to Halloween! Ooooh. Ooooh, spooky! Have a happy time on Halloween. Looks like you enjoy it!

  6. I love doing photos for Find A Grave. I like the walking. You'll be busy uploading for a while with what you took, I'm sure. It's such an interesting site. Happy Halloween!

  7. I hope all graves are marked. The cemetery usually has a record of who was buried and where the grave is.

  8. Happy Halloween!
    I drug the Bennie all over two state's taking photo's of stones in cemetery's.
    I enjoyed every min of it, he didn't, only way I will get him
    back in a cemetery is one of us die.

  9. I salute the mower! Adios till next year.
    I love wandering graveyards and looking at the markers and stones, but it is quite chilly right now. Brrr!
    I am going to hand out candy at McFamily's so Mom and Dad can take Ian around together this year. (Was too shot last year.) Looking forward to it. :)

  10. I need to use my mower one last time. Maybe this will be the week. Loved Chance in the hat!! I'm going to turn off the lights and snuggle down to watch DWTS!

  11. Love your pic of Chance wearing the witch's hat! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  12. I Love doing little photo chores for Find a Grave people!


  13. Your yard clean up is all done and ours is just beginning!
    We are at the Whidbey Island cabin for Halloween night. No trick-or-treaters here, I don't think, although I do have a bit of candy just in case.

  14. It was 87 yesterday but actually we should have had a frost by now. What a cute hat on Chance. My girls and I love Halloween as we get to see the little ones. Nitty and Annie are pretty popular with the young set and the kids just plop on the ground and Nitty and Annie get lots of lovin'! It's definitely one of their favorite holidays as they love the attention.


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