Monday, October 24, 2016

Chance : Herding

Hiya it is me Chance!  Yesterday I got some herding practice.

Pointing at the mouse

Far Side and I were in the old parking lot.  I am pointing to the critter about to be herded.

herding one

I have my eye on it.

Herding two

I tried to turn it around.

Following it into the woods


It made it to the leaves, I herded it around in the leaves for awhile, it was airborn several times and then it played dead…so I brought it out for Far Side.  She was thrilled and said “Good Boy Good Boy!”



  1. Hiya Chance:
    It has been a long time since we last heard from you. I wasn't able to figure out what kind of critter you were herding! It was hard to tell from the photo. But I know that you knew what you were doing, and took care of it. You take good care
    of Far Side and Far Guy, now.

    Shirley H.

  2. Good Boy, Chance! You are the best!!!!!

  3. Looks like a Vole. Are there more of them for you to herd Chance?

    Looking handsome Chance!

  4. Way to go Chance! My brother-I-law had a dog like Chance but had to get rid of him cause when their kids would play outside and he was out there the dog wouldn't let them play cause he would be trying to herd them the whole time and the kids would be freaked out by it. This was their their first dog ever and the kids were not used to a dog and I'm not sure this was the best breed of dog to be their first one. LOL, he did go to a good home tho.

  5. Hi Chance! Always good to see you. You are the best-est at herding!

  6. I think too that it is a vole? Lots of those here. I swear they hang around hidden and wait until I rototill the garden and them make a million tunnels through it all. Maybe you need to visit us?:-)

  7. I thought you were herding an unruly big leaf. They are very difficult to herd. Whatever it was--if you got praised, that is what counts. :)

  8. Perhaps Chance should look into an other line of work.

  9. You sure need a couple of sheep, I bet Far Guy would get them
    for you.

  10. Keep doing what you were born to do, Chance! You are so good at it!

  11. We we first adopted Barney we were pretty certain we had a border collie. I sent photos to a border collie site and they wrote back that we need to buy some sheep. Barney herds us in the house trying to protect his mom from me. He also herds his mom trying to keep her from going upstairs.

  12. My little yorkie is a hunter by blood, and she always has her nose to the ground like she is going to find something...but only find p=mails

  13. You are just the best dog ever, Chance. Good for you! :-)

  14. Good job! What was it you were herding?

  15. Good boy indeed! Funny little thing, jumping at you.

  16. Good Job, Chance! I don't herd well, but I do dig excellently!




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