Sunday, October 2, 2016


Retreat is just fine.  I made more sympathy cards.  Once I completed that project, I started something new to me.  Stamping.  Not sure if I ever will do it again. 
I am working on a Christmas card.  It is lots of coloring and playing with paper.  I like to play with paper. 
It is a big project and by the time I am finished I will be real tired of coloring.  First I used water colors and everything was too pale, so now I am using colored markers. 
It is a good project to use up scrap pieces of paper!  I might just clean out one of the drawers in my desk where I throw bits and pieces of colored papers.

There are eleven other women here.   Teachers, receptionists, a social worker, a stay at home Mom and I am the only retired person and the oldest.  They are good shoppers and have way more energy than I do.  Some are sewing, some are knitting, some are working on scrapbooks and some are making cards like me. 

Son in law, Andy came and cooked for us yesterday and Far Guy and Chance came to visit and had supper with us.  Supper was naan bread with rib eye steak, onions, peppers and cheese to make individual pizzas.  Dessert was brownies and ice cream. 

The weather has been beautiful and warm, perfect fall day in Minnesota. 

I am using an application called Blog Touch Pro it was $4.99 in the App Store.  I had the trial version and updated it to the paid program.  It seeems to be idiot proof so far. 
Far Side


  1. Nice cards.

    Retreats are great and it's wonderful that you had a visiting chef, too!

    Thanks for the info on BlogPro

  2. That's a lot of coloring, but they look great! Not all stamping involves coloring. Embossing with a heat gun is quite magical. You'll be glad to get back home with your fellas. :)

  3. I made my own Christmas cards one year using stamps. It was fun!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your cards look great. Glad you had a beautiful fall day. It's been lovely here in the cities too.

  5. Handmade cards seem to be a lot of work. I know that I keep a lot of the cards I receive but always wonder if others just throw them away after the birthday/ Christmas/ etc.

  6. Your cards are nice and I'm sure Far Guy will be excited about the train. I love making things out of paper and make my Christmas cards sometimes, too. I love receiving handmade ones. I usually reuse the art work part as a package decoration or a card or something, share the love.

  7. I'll take a look at that app, Connie. I like your pretty cards very much. I'll be leaving for my own retreat on Wednesday! :-)

  8. It would be fun to retreat just to have time to create. I guess the trains look like they had a lot of work to do on them. Your cards look great.

  9. I love your cards! Some that I see are way too 'out there' for me...a sign I am aging I guess. But I really like yours...traditional and symmetrical. The retreat must have been close by to have visitors from home. My daughter went to a retreat up by Storm Lake in Iowa. Me, I just stay home and work...same ole, same ole! LOL!


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