Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Projects

I am making headway.  The leaves were mulched again, I believe that is the sixth or seventh time. Far Guy accused me of waiting on the lawn tractor and as soon as a leaf hit the ground I mulched it…I don’t think it was quite that bad.

One more nice day and the lawn should be done for the winter.  I trimmed most of the limbs that I have been fighting all summer…the limbs never seem as bad when they are leafless.

We accomplished all the soup making, the freezer has an assortment of meals ready to warm up.  Vegetable Soup, Chicken and Noodles, Chicken Tortilla Soup and Chili.

My glass flowers are all cleaned and put away for the winter.  We took the rain gauge in before it froze!

We are working on a carving project so most days we spend a few hours carving. 

We finally discovered what our Internet problems are and we are in the process of figuring out how we can hardwire both the HP Computers that are supposed to be wireless but are slow and experience dropped signals…which puts someone in a very bad mood.  His computer which is still under warranty drops the signal quite often…he is a regular at HP Support.

I have a theory about the Internet problems but what do I know?  When the lightening damaged our Router I believe it also damaged our Wireless connection on the two Desk Tops…the HP Laptop is just fine as is the Ipad… those signals are strong. The router was replaced and nothing has been the same since with the Desk Tops.   We had a Technician over who could not find the problem and had no answers.  Thanks to good friend and computer guru Intense Guy we are on a better track now. 

Since we built this house we think we know a way to run the wires from the Utility Room to the Living Room…we will see. It could be an adventure.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your 'puter problems, but that leafy photo at the end is fabulous!!! Loved it.

  2. We had a similar problem with our computers and after all was said and done Papa did a test on his as he is better at it all then they are and it said internal was fine but the external wasn't so they went out to the pole where it is all hooked up and runs to our house and found from their end it had been chewed so they felt and looked really dumb as they kept blaming everything we had inside forgetting that Papa here is a tech geek lol ! ever since that and they replaced the line all has been good and that was a year ago . Hope they get your internet sorted out for you . Some trees have changed here and some are still in the process and the leaves are falling faster then I can keep up especially as it has been raining and windy here for a day or so . Oh all the soups sound YUMMY ! that kind of weather now for comfy foods MMM ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. It made me smile to think of you watching for the next leaf to fall. Aren't tech problems a pain? I'm glad you are able to continue your posts, as there would be a big hole in my life otherwise. :-)

  4. I am still mulching leaves around here and probably will be for a couple of weeks yet. Can't wait until I can stop. I feel for you with your computer problems. Hope it gets fixed soon. Have a great weekend.

  5. I hate computer issues! I am still just trying to get used to typing on this new laptop--LOL! My tech support (Dagan and Leah) decided that my printer was just plain too old (only about six!) and have gotten me a new one that they are coming to hook up tomorrow.

    You have been really busy winterizing! It does feel like it is coming early this year. Your soups and chili sound scrumptious! Now I want to make soup... ;)

  6. You built your own house? That is something I always wanted to do but I might be a little late to that party! LOL! All those soups sound so good and what a great feeling to have it stocked away for winter. You 2 are so efficient!

    1. Yes we built it all except for the cement work. We were younger 18 years ago.

  7. We have started the winterizing, but most of our leaves are still on the trees. We will be cleaning up until after Thanksgiving.
    I wonder when you will get your first snow, and will you put out your snow stick? i hope so.
    Pokey computers are no fun. I hope you get a fix that works.

  8. My Internet is fine until the weekend when the sports games are on. Multiple people in my area must be streaming the games live because their bandwidth hogging causes my connection to drop about every 30 seconds. Playoffs, Super Bowl, etc., I don't even try to use my computer until after the game is over.

  9. I've had similar problems with a relatively new desktop, and finally gave up and moved it to where it can be plugged in to the router directly. So frustrating.

  10. Sorry about your computer problems- we have been experiencing very slow speeds for the last few months and the internet guy blames it on us...too many appliances....ipads, phones, laptop, etc. My daughter has netflix and they all have to turn off their phones to stream a movie. I think the internet is just not caught up to new technology. Oh well, I wrote a book- have a great weekend!

  11. Computers....don't you just love them...and hate them! We need some decent weather so I can get at the leaves.

  12. Running computer wires hither and yon can be a real problem. I speak from experience because we have no less than 5 computers in our house, all hooked together somehow and from time to time there are problems. Luckily my son can usually fix things (with much muttering).


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