Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Midway Memories: Paul

Paul grew up in the little town of Belmond Iowa.  His Dad owned a TV Sales and Repair Shop.  I met his Mom once she was a smiley grey haired plump little lady.

Paul always wanted to be a carnie.  It was all he thought about growing up.Belmond
Paul talked about nothing but Carnival…and that is still the case…he can recall where we were years ago and what show we visited on what day.

When he came out on the road about 1966 he was second man on the Merry Go Round.  He had just graduated from High School.  It was what he dreamt about all those years.

He would go up the ranks quickly, he was a good truck driver and soon became Foreman on the Scrambler.  Then “The Boss “ bought a Super Slide and Paul was responsible for that too..until Far Guy took the slide over.
Gene and Paul
Far Guy’s Mom marked this photo Eugene and Best Friend Paul.
Paul had red hair….well until it turned grey.
Paul and the slide 1969
Paul and the Super Slide in 1969.
Paul Gene and John 1968 most likely (2)
I took this photo in 1968.  Paul and John are in the background playing the diggers on another show.  Far Guy is in front…look at those sideburns and all that hair!

Days off after doing laundry and catching up on sleep…we would all get together and plan a trip…either to another show to take photos and talk to who ever would talk to us…or out for supper and a movie. Paul with his photographic memory could tell you where this photo was taken…his favorite saying is “Do you remember when?”

John was from Belmond also…he worked the wheel.  We think he was only out on the show for one year. Wheel John.

Paul was the best man at our wedding.  We see him from time to time, and if the phone rings you can bet you will be busy for an hour or so.
Paul in Owatonna
Paul in Owatonna Minnesota in 2005.  We have met him there a couple of times and he has been up to visit and stay with us.

Paul and Popcorn go hand in hand.  Many times he would stop by the joint and share his popcorn or just bring me my own container.  Charlie knew the extra popcorn was for me. (Charlie had the Caramel Apple/Caramel Corn/Popcorn/Salted Peanut joint….popcorn was always free to the carnies.)

H and H Amusements was a big dream that he and Far Guy had.  Far Guy got drafted and went into the Air Force and Paul had asthma so he wasn’t drafted.  Paul would later buy a Fun House and a Rock-O-Plane and he traveled independently.   He was married for a short time and has a daughter and a grandson. His daughter was out on the road for a summer or two working for Mitch Buxton.  Eventually Paul outgrew his love of working on a carnival and went to work for a Sand and Gravel Company Driving Truck. 

He has never outgrown his love of the carnival business or the ability to talk about it.
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  1. Interesting guy! And an interesting life. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

  2. Interesting cameo of a carnie. Sounds like a person I would enjoy listening to.

  3. They seemed like a pretty fun loving group and what fond memories and fun times you all had! So nice that you have pictures of it all too.

  4. Good looking guys. What fun that his dreams came true!

  5. The carnival has a certain attraction that's for sure!

  6. Again a great story of the carnival a good character description of Paul.

  7. What a good friend! And what a memory!! He's probably the one who should write a book, eh? Or help you guys write yours. ;)

  8. I can imagine the draw of the carnival life was quite enticing for a boy growing up in northern Minnesota. Just the idea of traveling would have hooked me! It's interesting that he "outgrew" it but I imagine he has quite a store of memories to remember.

  9. I know the joy of running a merry-go-round, or carousel as we call ours. There is something wonderful about making people so happy.

  10. These are all such great stories and to think the connections are still there today.


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