Friday, April 3, 2015

More Signs of Spring

The Juncos were here again yesterday, covering most of the yard.  They wandered all over finding “stuff” to eat.


The Natives are restless.

Fire in the ditch

On Wednesday there were two plumes of smoke on the horizon so we went to see what was burning.   Good thing they got er done before yesterday when the wind was blowing like a banshee.  The BIA Firefighters sit in their trucks to watch the horizon and wait for fires to erupt.  It happens every Spring.

Horse drawn implement

It is fun to see what the neighbors have been up to.  A neighbor gal must have found this and moved it to the end of her drive.   I think it is just perfect!

I saw some Robins in Osage yesterday, so they are here, just not in our yard…yet.

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  1. I love the old piece of farm machinery. It does look perfect there. Have seen some Juncos around here. I put up my finch feeder and they do eat from it. But not as many as in past years. Must be lots of people feeding them in this area. Do have a lot of robins tho. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

  2. Maybe you will be the first one this year to see a robin in your yard! :-)

  3. My Mom loved to decorate the yard with old farm equipment, too.

  4. You need some green to make it seem more 'Springy'. I can lend you some, we've cut the lawn a couple of times:)
    Fires are are scary. Years ago, we watched a small one next door turn into a raging inferno and burn down all the farm buildings.
    I like the occasional well placed piece of old farm equipment too.

  5. Have juncos here again today for a bit and the clarks nutcrackers were around this morning. I saw my boy goldfinch and was shocked how much he's changed colors! We saw burning the last month here too but as of this last week we are now in critical fire status so they have indeed imposed the burn ban in the county. I'm not sad about that!

  6. My robins have left my yard as I have been invaded with Red-winged black birds. I love both so I just live with how it is.


  7. We are having fires down here too. The people, including my neighbor to the west, are not using any brain power at all. We heard the fire trucks go out this morning and it is very windy today.

  8. Juncoes....maybe I can learn some bird identification from you. No robins here yet either or they just did a "fly by".
    I used to have an old farm implement in my huge front yard on the farm. I had boarded some horses for someone and they couldn't pay so I took that as payment along with an old antique dresser. I felt bad for them but I moved here and left the "farm implement" but brought the dresser which is in the garage still waiting to be repaired, refinished or painted and utilized! Thanks for reminding me of one more thing I need to do. LOL!

  9. We had a massive grass fire thre days ago when we had very high winds. It was south of Calgary.

  10. The idea of spring fires seems so odd to us damp northwesterners.

  11. Oh, lovely shots! Hurray for spring. It still hasn't got here yet...

  12. I've seen they have the fire warnings out.
    24 degrees as I am writing. Brrr! We got spoiled by the 70 degree weather. ;)

  13. The Robins have been here for several weeks - some of them even spent the winter (the dumb ones that should have flown further south!!)


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