Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Formal: Shoes

Last evening was the Winter Formal that Maddie and Paige attended.  It was a whirlwind day…getting their hair fixed…nails done…pictures taken and finally the Grand March.

I have photos to edit and will share about each girl soon.  Since they will read this blog someday…I want to do it up right.

First lets look at some of the shoes.

I used to be a shoe person…not so much anymore. After a certain age it is all about comfort…at least it is for me…comfort and warmth.

Paige and friends

Paige and friends..that gal on the right has the right idea.


Maddies shoes and toes

Maddie’s toes match her dress…and yes she was squealing because I made her go outdoors for some photos!

Wimter time at the winter formal

Finally…pretty shoes and practical winter boots…Minnesota Winter Formal footwear at it’s finest!

It was fun to see everyone all dressed up having a great night out!

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  1. That was fun to see. Such vibrant colors to brighten up the Minnesota winter!

  2. What fun photos - one day when the girls are older, these shoes will amaze them! I love the pretty matching nail polish.

  3. That last picture is priceless! All the tulle and bright colors, and the practical boots! I love it, and I look forward to the full story. :-)

  4. What a fun post of an often overlooked segment of a fancy party.

  5. You're right about comfort and warmth! I hate that too! That first picture is so pretty! Looks like model's feet from a magazine ad. Well then the second one does too.

  6. Fun photos! Yes, I'd be sporting shoes like the girl on the right two. Having finished with bunion surgery number two about 5 weeks ago, it's all about comfort for me!

  7. Oh goodness, I remember arriving by train at Perth (middle of Scotland) for a Christmas visit in the days before mobile phones. My train was delayed by 40 mins so my hostess arrived to pick me up and went home again without me.... As I sat in the Station Hotel waiting for my lift I watched in amazement as girl after girl arrived in skimpy evening frock and high heeled sandals. No wraps. No coats. No sensible boots. Not even a cardigan in sight! All were on their way to a local party and none had provided themselves with anything sensible to wear.
    In the north of the UK, north of England as well as Scotland, it seems to be a matter of honour to wear as little as possible in all weathers.
    Madness if you ask me. Great photos though.

  8. How much fun!


  9. I love it! I'm glad they are sensible enough to wear their warm boots and just carry their shoes along.

  10. I'm with' all about comfort and warmth! But the girls are cute and I can still appreciate a nice pair of shoes. Love the boots too!

  11. It's a wonder those toes hadn't turned blue in that snow. Brr!

    Beautiful pics. Great idea. Yes, they will love re-living this when they look back on your blog :)

  12. Bet you all had fun! Pretty shoes - but I'm with you on the no heels...

  13. I'm glad you will do the posting of the dance justice. These girls will need to be able to look back and see what they were like and what they wore when they are in their 60s! Spooky thought. Maybe I'm glad we didn't have all this technology when I was their age--LOL! ;)

  14. Oh my. lovely shoes but I could never walk in heals! I'd take them off and dance in bare feet!


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