Monday, December 15, 2014

Basketball: Adam

We took some time away from Christmas “stuff” to go to a Basketball Game, a tournament actually.  We got to see Adam play more than once.

This is his first year of playing basketball.

Adam and the ball

Adam is Number 24.  I am certain if he stretched out his arm he could reach the bottom of that basketball net.

Arms and legs and a long stride

He needs to grow into those long arms and legs and that stride…oh my.  AND his hair…his hair looks great even after playing basketball all day long.

The tall and short of it

Adam is the tallest boy on his team.  This is a photo of Adam and his friend and teammate. I call this photo “the tall and short of it.”

Adam’s team played well, they showed awesome teamwork and sportsmanship.


He was tired and hungry after the games.  I think he was off to bed before 8 PM.  It takes lots of energy to grow so big and tall so fast.

The weather has been perfect!  Spring like temperatures!  It was 42 F or 5 C eh on the day when we travelled to the games in East Grand Forks Minnesota.  It was a bit foggy…actually a lot foggy when we travelled home.  We have not seen the sun in weeks.  Yesterday it rained like in the summertime and our snow is all gone.

Adam loves the snow, he thrives in snow and cold weather…Alaska may be a perfect place for him someday.  He was quite bummed out that the weather is so warm.  He is headed on a School Ski Trip this week, he doesn’t know how to downhill ski.  I asked him what else he could do on this trip besides learning to ski…he replied “Eat” I asked if he was packing a backpack full of food…he said “No there is a concession stand.”

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  1. Adam really does have long arms and legs. He sure is a very handsome young man. Our weather has been cloudy, foggy, rainy and warm for quite a while now. The dampness brings a real chill to my old bones. Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your grandson.

  2. What fun to watch Adam grow up. Aren't Grandchildren special? We will be watching our 7 year old as he grows and grows.

  3. Those long arms and legs! He certainly is growing like the proverbial weed. And I love his haircut; I want one just like it! :-)

  4. I just want some hair.... :)

    Hope Adam's team continues to play well!!

  5. It's amazing to see kids grow so fast. They sometimes lose themselves when the body changes so quickly.

  6. With those arms and legs, I think basketball is his sport! Fun that you got to share in the action at his tournament.

  7. Good for him...I think basketball is one of the better sports for school kids these days. And I'll bet he loves skiing, though he's got quite a high center of gravity!

  8. Wow he is growing so fast. These are fun photos. Good that he has planned ahead about the concession stand!!!

  9. Basket ball is a lot of fun. My neighbors son is the all-state champ.

  10. How fun to go to his games. I would love to do that as I enjoy sports. Does he get leg pains? My kids did when they were growing as their Dad was tall but I'm not. I had no idea never having experienced them. Fog is the worst! Glad you got home safe and sound. Don't worry...snow is headed your way! LOL!

  11. all arms and legs - I call it the giraffe stage. My grandson is entering it now too.

  12. He looks tall! There's nothing better than being the proud grandma at a game. Grandchildren are so special!

  13. I love watching the grands play sports! This was a fun post, Connie!


  14. He's growing like a weed! Tall and handsome and hungry! :)

  15. Yep, at that age, you wonder where they put all that food. When I was in highschool one of the best players on the basketball team was also the shortest.


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