Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So very cold here, severe wind chills.  They say your exposed skin can freeze in 30 seconds…maybe.  I was out there and all my exposed parts seem to be fine.
We finished upstairs!  Hooray for us!  Busy day yesterday and today is looking busy too.  I need more hours in my day!
I did okay on my November List.
November List:
Resume selling “stuff” on eBay.  It all takes time, now after the yard work is done I will have some more time.  Not yet but soon.
Craft Sale in mid November..one day…I have cards and woodcarvings all set to go. Done.  I didn’t make enough to retire…oh wait I am retired!
Finish up the Cousins Cookbook. Done!!
I should clean upstairs…vacuum down the walls and move the furniture to clean behind and under.  Done with some great help from Far Guy!!
Rework my weird scarf/head covering with the furry doo dads. Nope…didn’t even drag it out.
We have a prototype of next years Wood carved Christmas Ornament 2015 that needs some work.  I have carved two…they are ready for paint.  The jury will be out until after the painting and sealing is done.
So I have three projects to carryover to January.
I am not making a monthly list for December, I should make a daily list but I will spare you the agony.
I have four events I would like to attend this month.  Cousin’s Christmas Party, Winter Formal with Paige and Madison, a Benefit for Far Guy’s Cousin who was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder and a cookie exchange.
I would also like to get together with a friend…whose Christmas Gift from last year is incased in a red plastic bag and had to be dusted off.  Far Guy said “You have packages ready?”  NO I have packages STILL.  I also have a house warming gift for her and two birthday gifts…I will add a Christmas gift from this year!  It will be quite a gift opening event!!   That will probably not be happening until after Christmas.  She is a busy lady.
I will begin decorating upstairs soon.  The upstairs tree has to be in the air first because I use the downstairs tree stand for the first part of the Shiny Brite tree.  There is a method to my madness.
Snow cones
This is one of Far Guy’s ornaments from our deer (ha) friend Sue in Indiana. (Deer Hunting is her passion!)
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If you would like to enter the drawing for a Hand Carved eighty one of a kind  Christmas Ornament please leave a comment here…or email me with your guess. I will draw at 9PM Wednesday night and reveal the winner Thursday.


linda m said...

We had that wind chill here also yesterday. I have my tree up and the house decorated thanks to help from my hubby. It is a chore but always loos so nice when finished. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you. Looking forward to see who wins the drawing.

DJan said...

You're definitely making progress on that list. And soon the Shiny Brite tree will be up, and I'll gaze at it for awhile, since it's so unique and special. My favorite tree of the season. :-)

Karen said...

You are a busy productive lady. I almost hate to mention the cold here, because it is absolutely nothing compared to what you deal with. We started a cleaning project downstairs yesterday. Not done yet, but looking soooo much better. And, a bonus, I found a missing set of keys!

Terry and Linda said...

It's my favorite time of the year!!! Happy Holiday season, Connie!


Linda Kay said...

No ideas to share, Connie. But love the fact that you have been getting some things on your list accomplished. Good job! We all have a busy month in December. I picked up wrapping paper, boxes and tissue today, and already have some bags to reuse from last year. Now I have to get busy wrapping, and getting Christmas cards ready to mail.

Sam I Am...... said...

It's freezing here too! Do I have blockage or is it really that cold? LOL! It was 72 then it rained and sleeted and it's been freezing ever since! I'm do glad I'm a weather geek because I really got a lot done outside on those 2 nice days.
I'm so excited about the drawing! And I didn't even have to buy a ticket! Cute ornament from your friend.

Linda Reeder said...

Reading your lists helps me to think about what I want or need to do this month. Tom just finished the outdoor light and I finished the decoration inside, all except the tree. That's next, and with tons of ornaments collected over the years, a big project.
Have fun doing yours. it should all bring joy.

L. D. said...

You beat me putting up a Christmas decoration on a blog.My cheap plastic ones in a plastic container do not count. Good for you. I looked at my trees that are already set up as trees from last year. I don't know which one we will start with but it is going to happen soon. I hope I get into the drawing but don't feel very lucky at this time of the day. I hope you warmed up a little bit today. We made it to just above freezing for a couple of hours.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, yes cold here too, brrr. Sweet little ornament, enjoy seeing them.Blessings Francine.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Today my cousin's daughter (they live in Hawaii) was complaining on Face Book about how cold she felt at 70 degrees, with a windchill factor of 6 mph, 30% precipitation and 84% humidity. I think she needs to take a trip to Minnesota.

Red said...

Yes, put me in the draw and my guess is 80! The harder you work the more fun you have.

Henny Penny said...

Your lists are something else! And, you seem to get it all done! I started a new list this morning...to do today. My lists drive me crazy.. or crazier!

Rita said...

Some of those weathermen just like to scare folks to death so they can keep as many inside as possible or something. You have to be practical, but people work outside in this weather for goodness sakes. 30 seconds! Pshaw! Would at least take 10-15 minutes--LOL! ;)
Can hardly wait to see your shiny brites tree!! :)