Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It rained

It rained yesterday and some of our snow melted! 

The snow stick still had eight inches of snow just before dark last night.

8 inches of snow March 31

It is supposed to turn to ice and then snow.

Rain was different.  Better than snow, it washed off the car! 

Snow is melting around the tree trunks…a snow free oasis of sorts.

Chance in the distance

I turned in the museums computers and all the files I had here at home…I am officially retired.  I love that I am not under a time restraint to do spring house cleaning, I have all of May when it might actually be spring.


fresh snow

This is no April’s Fools joke either, it turned cold and the rain turned to snow and the wind is blowing like a banshee.  This photo was taken a 9PM last night out the front door.

April List of Projects:

Finish Jen’s afghan.

Photograph a Robin in my yard!   I saw one in the cities but couldn’t get my camera out fast enough to photograph it.

Spring clean the furnace/laundry room.

Clean up some old sleigh bells for a project.

Contact one old friend through the mail.

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  1. Oh Oh, not more snow, we missed a blizzard here, great news. Happy April, Francine.

  2. Oh no more snow ? That sucks ! We are well into spring here it was touch and go for a bit there but spring has finally pushed old man winter out ! Hope spring gets there soon ! Thanks for sharing Have a good day !

  3. Sorry to hear it snowed again by you. We have had 2 days of terrific winds. My house is constantly creaking and groaning. Grass is still frozen and very muddy. Good luck with your Spring projects.

  4. Sorry to hear that it's still snowing up there in Minnesnowda. It's April, for heaven's sake.

  5. Right now at 8;45 am we are getting snow here in Minneapolis. Slush had been predicted. Doubt if we will get much snow. Old snow has been melting here with some warmer temperatures the last couple of days. We are ready for Spring.

    Shirley H.

  6. Not-funny April Fools joke here, too. We also are back to white. Bah.

  7. Congratulations on being retired. You will really enjoy it.

  8. Yay for being retired! More time to play with Chance!

  9. We didn't get any rain yesterday. It was sunny and 68 degrees and I got my first photo of a robin. Overnight we got a skiff of snow and it is 20 degrees this morning. Crazy weather.
    Enjoy your retirement and your list of spring projects.

  10. My nephew in Grand Forks got 11 inches of snow. Winter definitely wants to hang on longer.

  11. We just might get some mild air later this week. I'll send some your way. Snow and low temperatures at this time
    are not welcome.

  12. I Love the spring Easter eggs on your wall paper

  13. More snow? We are coming home mid month, doubt that it will be melted by then, but I'm starting to miss my well, chair and bed...in that order!!!!

  14. Apparently spring is still a ways off up in the northeast.
    Your list sounds varied and doable.

  15. I hope all of your April projects are successful and that I get to see the results of some of them here on your blog. Spring came here yesterday but obviously didn't like what it found so has gone somewhere else today. But at least we've had no snow.

  16. Sigh! We really need the whole USA to warm up and settle down to spring.

    ❤⊱彡 Linda


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