Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wistful Wednesday :1958

In the school year 1958 to 1959 I was in second grade.  My teacher wrote this on my report card.  “She is doing good work in all subjects.  She does beautiful written work and is very conscientious about finishing her work.  But sometimes she talks too much in the lunch room.”

Second Grade 1958 1959

Just when I was doing no big mouth got me in trouble. 

My second grade teacher was Minnie Zauche,  I adored her.  Her husband was a Forest Ranger.  Because of them I became interested in flowers and trees.  They lived just a short bike ride away.  They had extensive gardens and an orchard, in the summer something was always blooming and Mrs. Zauche was happy to show you something in her gardens. Many years later Mrs. Zauche retired and I was chosen to represent our class and present her with a red rose.  She got one rose from every class she taught..she had a huge bouquet!  

They had a daughter named Becky. Sometimes she would babysit for me and my baby brother.  She would lay on the couch, my brother and I would take turns laying on the back of the couch or on the floor and we would scratch each others backs. She would call for a switch and my brother and I would trade places, since she remained on the couch her back was always being scratched!  Sometimes I would ride on the back of her time I got my heel in the spokes of the bike..and we both cried. She was the best babysitter we ever had.  Since she had no brothers or sisters she liked taking care of least I think she did.

My favorite dress from the second grade.

Sapphire Blue Dress

It still looks pretty good for being 53 years old.  It is another one of those treasures tucked away in the trunk:)

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  1. OMG, I though I was the only one that kept clothes from my youth. So glad to hear, I'm not the only one. No wonder my garage is full of stuff, that I still have to sort through.

  2. WOW ! what great memories for you and to still have the dress from then is awesome . I only have some photos of when I was a kid on our farm none of the cloths though they were well worn living on a farm ! Have a great day !

  3. OMG, that's hilarious! I remember when me and my cousins would sit lined up like a train and scratch each other's backs. After a few minutes, the person at the front of the train would have to go to the back. You never really got to totally enjoy your back scratch unless you were at the front.

  4. I never lived anywhere that my teachers lived nearby. Your life has been one of continuity throughout, and even having kept your dresses! I am amazed, it's so different from my own nomadic life. I have favorite dresses, too, but they only exist in my memory.

  5. I love seeing your old photos. I have very few of my childhood and I don't think I have any of my husbands. You didn't point out which one is you. I am guessing you are the 2nd from the left on the second row. How did I do? It that you?

    1. Yes I am second on the left in the center row..I am wearing the dress:)

  6. Meredith and I were comparing dresses the other day. One from me as a toddler, and one of hers. Both made by my mother. The pattern was almost identical.

    A friend and I figured out where our grade five teacher lived. We went to visit and she invited us in for tea.

    Love reading your old stories, and it brings back memories of similar things in my childhood:)

  7. I too really love your stories and good golly, I thought the lunch room was the one place you were allowed to talk! :)

  8. What wonderful memories. was always my mouth that got me in trouble too....still does occasionally! LOL! What a cutie you were and what a pretty dress!

  9. What great memories of your second grade. I love that dress, it is nice to be able to remember how things were. I just have one question, I thought lunch time was for talking. At least it wasn't in class.

  10. Your teacher's assessment could have been written about me (and probably a hundred other girls in the 2nd grade.) Always talking too much.

    Love the dress. Didn't we dress up nicely to go to school then? (I'm quite a bit older than you - 2nd grade in 1938-39.

  11. OMG! You have the dress! That's just amazingly cool! Wow!
    I got in trouble for talking all the time, not just at lunch. In fact lunch was the one time I didn't get in trouble for it...well, along with recess. ;)

  12. Teacher comments in those days covered everything and then some. I wish I could see some of the things I said on report cards on my first year teaching in 1958. I'll bet some of my students are still laughing about what I said. Some of it was so unimportant.

  13. Enjoyed your post. That is a great dress. :o)

  14. How can ya talk too much at lunch...isn't that 'free' time? Heeehehehe!!!

    Your little dress has aged well, what a splendid treasure that is. The only thing I have of mine are bronzed baby shoes.

    Totally enjoyed the post sweetie!!

    God bless ya and have an awesome day!!! :o)

  15. I love that you have the dress you wore in the picture. How cool!

  16. My kind of post. I do love the dress. How fortunate someone saved it for you.

  17. What a treasure the dress is. I enjoyed reading your memories very much.

  18. The dress is beautiful. I have no clothes from when I was a child. However, we moved a few times and Mom usually did not keep stuff once we outgrew it.
    Second grade - - - I had a "boyfriend" who drew pictures of horses for me.
    It's wonderful what a great influence this teacher had on your future interest in plants. Look at all the people who are now being reached and educated about the flowers in your area through your blog - - - and it started with one teacher. Pretty amazing - - - like one stone tossed into the water but its ripples reach out to the edges of its territory.


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