Monday, April 16, 2012

Puppy Sitting

We puppy sat on Saturday.  Putzer  an Australian Shepherd who lives just down the road and his sister Odda.

I made Putz a new toy and he loved it.

Putzer and his toy

A pop bottle in a sock makes a great toy for a puppy.

We took him out to the Fire hall Open House and he saw lots of people and had his first walk on a leash.

Later in the day he was exhausted so I took him back home to spend some quality nap time with Odda.

At supper time I went and got him and took him over to the neighbors.

Putzer and Aubrey

Aubrey and Putzer

All the kids and Putzer

Kids and dogs..what a great combination!

Puppies need lots of socialization when they are little..the more people and situations they are exposed to the better.  He got great exposure to kids with their little hands, quick movements and excited voices.

Chance did real well with the pup..of course the puppy followed him everywhere.  Chance was patient and even laid by the outdoor kennel when I asked him to keep the puppy company while I swept out my garage. Ever tried sweeping with a puppy attached to a broom?

I am reminded that although I like puppies I don’t want to have one everyday..luckily I can just go to the neighbors and play with theirs:)

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  1. That's a wonderful idea. I never thought of borrowing someone's puppy.

  2. What a cutie! And puppies DO eventually grow into (sometimes) well behaved dogs like Chance. I like the new toy you gave him. :-)

  3. Such a cute pup! I can easily see him swinging from the end of a broom as you try to work... LOL!

  4. What a cute little guy. I like the idea of borrowing the puppy!

  5. Sweet niece, Brooke, would love to have him!

  6. Aw he's so cute, looks like more visits will be in order.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Puppies....Kind of like Grandkids - you can spoil them, enjoy them and send them home! LOL

  8. Awww, he's a cutie. I love the picture with Aubrey - with that paw up.
    You are right. Puppies are hard work, like babies! But it is nice to have a baby, puppy or kid fix now and then!

  9. He is such a sweet puppy. It is fun to sit with them but yes I remember the needs of both of our young ones back then, and they kept us busy.

  10. Good job on the puppy socialization! Hope the kids didn't have to put up with too much of the needle sharp puppy teeth.
    Putzer is a cutie, glad you get to be a puppy grandma:)

  11. Awwwwww, I'm in puppy love!!! Loved the pic with the kiddos. I have to say Miss Pepper Nipper is beginin' to settle down a bit...not to say she's still not spastic as all get out but she's not eatin' my house and car anymore!

    God bless and have yourself one beautiful week my friend!!!

  12. Soo cute ! Lovely photos . I can see the pup following Chance how cute ! Our Miggy loves other dogs she gets along with everyone ! Have a great day !

  13. Why, yes, I have! Quite a difficult task and they swish apart any piles you make with great delight.
    What a charmer!! :):)

  14. Awe what a sweet looking little puppy and looks he liked the children as much as they liked him. Puppies are so much fun to watch and play with. I bet Chance is happy that you only borrow the puppy.

  15. I love puppies!!! But like you, only to visit, at least at this point. Putzer is adorable. I love the picture of Aubrey with him. What a fabulous idea for a puppy toy. I'm going to make those for my granddogs.

  16. Putzer. What a great name for a cute puppy! :o)

  17. I want that puppy and yet I realize I can't keep working dog like that busy.

    Cute post.


  18. That puppy is the cutest! We used to knot up old socks for puppies too but I never thought of the bottle inside...great idea! Someone should have a "Rent a Puppy" business, I bet they'd make some serious money but the vet and the food would take care of that. There are guys I know that like to walk puppies because they attract girls...I'm not mentioning any names but when my sons were in their teens I never had to worry about them walking the "puppy" but after that I was on my own!LOL!

  19. Putzer is really cute - I wonder if he will grow up as handsome as Chance. Laughed out loud at the reminder of sweeping with a puppy attached to the brush! :-) Jo


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