Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some Company

She said “Mom I really could use some company, I am headed to the Cities for a meeting.” I cleared my schedule and got myself organized to go.

I helped her drive..not in the traffic..but from our house to where the traffic begins. We stopped to shop..I bought a red sweater.  We tried on bras..girly stuff. I should skip right over the part about the hot pink striped bra that I slipped over my head( Bad shoulder)that was too small..and I was would not go down and I couldn’t get it off..of course I told Jen in the next dressing room about my predicament and began to giggle which only made it worse. I eventually extricated myself.

Anyways..back to the drive.

She almost missed a turn and took the corner on two wheels..well she says that is an exaggeration..she was just merging off the ramp quickly avoiding another car.  I sucked all the spit in my mouth between my teeth.

We shared a room..she even let me watch TV for a little while.  Good thing I was there as she didn’t  throw that little latchy lock that prevents someone from entering the room.  I took care of that. 

Gosh the bed was hard.  I got up at 4:44AM which is not exactly the middle of the night and read..whilst I was reading my stomach began to growl…so I took out a bag of almonds and dried cherries.  I was being ever so quiet taking the morsels out of the bag..but she is a light sleeper.

“Mother must you keep sticking your hand in the bag making that terrible crinkling noise?  Just dump some out already.”   I finally went back to bed quietly and slept some more…then she woke me up and said “It’s time for breakfast.”

We had a lovely breakfast, she went to her meeting and I began a project.  I finally got all of the recipes entered for the Cousins Cookbook.  They are organized and edited. At noon I checked out and retired to the hotel lobby.  They keep it about 50 degrees in that lobby, they don’t want people waiting around all day.  Well I am used to the museum..and no their lobby was a piece of cake, three hours later I was headed for the pool area to warm up and spied Jen coming out of her meeting and we headed home.

Minneapolis in the distance

It was a cold rainy day in almost Minneapolis Minnesota.  That is Minneapolis in the distance.

Blooming trees

I think these may have been Pear Trees..the wind was blowing so hard that outside photos were impossible.

  We saw this poor dog headed north..

Dog in a kennel

In the rain..I guess Black Labs like water..I would never let Chance ride back there in a kennel like that. 

Oh ya, Chance forgave me while I was away..he was real happy to see me return.  Far Guy told Jen that I should leave and go with her more often..she then proceeded to tell him how noisy I was in the nighttime. He said “Yes, I know.”:)

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  1. Cute story ! At least it got you out and about and had fun with your daughter in the bra store. I hate shoping for bras always have a prob finding my size and have it fit like it should ! Poor dog on the trailer they have a big truck there I am sure they could of put him in the cab at least ! Have a good day !

  2. Sounds like you had a good time even if you did have a fight with a bra ;) I don't think I would of put my dog in the back of a trailer either. If it had to be in the back it would of been in the truck bed at least with the side window open!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Laughter always makes things better. Glad you had an adventure.

  4. I get to go to 'the cities' quite often. I feel Mpls is one if the nicer big cities, and I am still so very happy to get back to my country cottage. I'm glad you had the chance to share a few laughs with your daughter. I agree with you almonds and dried cherries make a wonderful snack... I add a few dark chocolate chips to the mix. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Nice to spend some quality time with family. I hope that dog in the kennel at least had a nice dry blanket in there, too. Looks cold and windy, all right.

  6. Too funny! Reminds me of time spent with my daughter!

  7. It's great that you guys got to spend some fun girly time together. I rolled while readin' the bra story!!! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have yourself a great day!!! :o)

    We're workin' cattle this afternoon....76 head of feeders...woohoo. Does Farm Boy know how to plan a weekend or what?

  8. You are too funny! How far are you from Minneapolis? Just curious as if I ever get up North again I might come visit will be awhile! LOL! Don't be scared...
    I wouldn't let my dogs ride back there either. That's why I bought an SUV and not a truck. I have a gate that keeps them in the back and when I had my older dog I also have a ramp and Annie needs one for sure! I put their beds back there and their water goes in cups in the cup holder although they never drink until I stop somewhere. Nitty makes me jump sometimes when I'm driving along as she doesn't like it if someone tails me (I don't either) and starts barking like crazy if they get too close. She also doesn't like motorcycles for some reason. I think it's a protection thing and thanks to her I'll probably never fall asleep at the wheel!
    Sounds like a fun time with your daughter and I'm sure it was a "sign" that you weren't supposed to get the pink striped number...tee hee!

    1. Hi Sam, We are about 200+ miles North of "The Cities" :)

  9. LOL you and I could travel together....she'd grump at our nocturnal habits twice as much.

  10. I loved this! Started giggling out loud on being trapped in the over-the-head, one-piece, gymnastics-required bra (something that has happened to me, including the giggling).

    Now that Chance missed you, you must be totally forgiven for the groomer. Hope you love the new red sweater. Have a great rest of the weekend. :)

  11. Connie, you are Queen of the Virtual Kaffeeklatsch. What a conversation starter today! Too funny!

  12. I enjoyed this post, Connie. I can visualize it all!
    John and I saw someone hauling a dog in a kennel like this last week and wondered about the car fumes??

  13. That sounds much like the outings my daughter and I go on! I loved it.
    Poor dog though. Duke would be a nervous wreck if we did that to him (which we never would!).

  14. Rainy days and Minnesota go hand in hand. I remember how the sun would dry things off so quickly and the sandy soil would not make mud like it does in Iowa.

  15. I would NEVER let my dogs ride like that, it would be so very easy to lose them!


  16. I'm the kind of person that would (and I have) followed them and made a scene. I never learn, but then most of them don't either.



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