Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day The Crying Indian

Remember back to the 1970’s and the Keep America Beautiful project?  The project was centered on “No Littering”  recycling and community beautification.

Old Iron Eyes Cody stood at the side of the road and a single tear rolled down his face. He was nicknamed “The Crying Indian.”

Litter on the reservation

I am sure if he were still alive..he would be sobbing if he walked down this road.

His brothers are more into burning things up than cleaning them up.

Reservatuion Burned

Sometimes “evil spirits” must be burned up.

Burned out house

Sometimes they go off of the reservation and start fires.

Fields burned just off the reservation

We finally got enough moisture so that it is more difficult to start fires.  It is an every spring occurrence.  The BIA and the DNR have extra units in the area for the worst of it..but the Local Volunteer Fire Department still gets it’s share of calls and night.

I do not begin to understand what motivates someone to start fires.  No one is ever one is ever charged with arson.  During times of “no fires”  you begin to wonder who is in jail..and when they will be getting out:(

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  1. It is a shame. Being familiar with your part of the country, I know exactly what you're talking about. Why oh why?

  2. Sounds like they need phycological help if they are going around starting fires ! I get angry here with some people that put their garbage out to early before garbage day and dont use tight containers for it just sits there i the bags and get ripped open and spread all over our village by wild hungry animals ! Have a good day !

  3. Setting fires is something I've never understood. Controlled burns, yes, but not fire just for the sheer destruction of it.

  4. It's the same urge that makes some people hack computers to put viruses in them, just to be mean, I think. Glad the moisture has helped. You said it well. He would be crying.

  5. Yes, Old Iron Eyes Cody must really be crying. People just don't use their brains any more. Starting fires just to start a fire is a sickness in my book.

  6. I distinctly remember that commercial...or public service announcement (is that what they call them?). What an awful thing that they start fires in your area. I wonder what their reasoning is? Some kind of if I can't have it nobody can thing? Or just plain destructiveness? What a shame. It does bring that vision of the crying Indian to mind. (Although I heard the actor wasn't an American Indian.)

  7. What everyone else already said.
    I'm sure he would be very disappointed.
    I remember the commercials very clearly.


    Hope you all have a wonderful week. ♥

  8. Oh yes, I remember the crying Indian. We have periods when folks burn churches around here and hardly ever is there an arrest. So very sad to me, too.

  9. As soon as your blog opened up my heart dropped right into my crocs. That just makes me sick. SICK! I remember the crying Indian also and I've cried right along with him.


  10. That is sad. We need to work harder to teach a love of Mother Earth and each other.

    Play off the Page

  11. I hear ya sweetie. That 'Cryin' Indian' commercial was most compelling. A couple years ago some of our giant hay bales were set on fire.

    'Round crop country ya get many controlled burns that aren't so controlled. Seems this usually happens on the windiest days...go figure!

    God bless and have a marvelous week sweetie!!! :O)

  12. Did you know Iron Eyes was not an Indian, but of Jewish blood. Yeah, they are always lying to us. Stupid media....


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