Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Through the Years

I gave birth to someone who will turn forty years old today.  It doesn’t seem that long ago.

Tricas First Birthday

Trica’s first birthday..she was terrified of the clown on her cake.

Trica July 1975 (2)

Here she is in July of 1975, her last few months of being an only child.

Tricas Graduation Photo

Her High School Graduation photo with one of her horses “Willow” who she trained and broke to ride.

Scan0179 (2)

Me, Trica, Far Guy and Jen.  This was in 1995 when she graduated from UND, this was taken just after the pinning ceremony at the school of nursing.

Trica and the girls

Paige, Maddie and Savannah standing behind their mother.

Trica and the girls April 17 2012

As you can see she has her hands full with three teenagers. It is birthday month at their house.  Paige was 13 earlier this month.  Yesterday Maddie turned 14 and Trica’s birthday is today.  Savannah turns 16 in July and was telling us all about how things will be when she gets her car.

Trica is back in school she is in the Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of North Dakota. One year almost down and two to go.

Yesterday we interrupted her studying for a small birthday celebration with Pizza, Cake and Ice Cream.

It will take some getting used to..I am the mother of a 40 year old in the world did that happen so fast? :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Trica ! A lovely family of girls she has there ! The time does go by fast thats for sure ! Wonderful photos ! Have a great day !

  2. God blessed the both of you forty years ago. Happy Birthday to Trica, and thank you for giving the world a wonderful person.

  3. It's kind of amazing when your kids start to get old and you don't feel that old yourself. She's a beautiful person, Connie, and she sure does have her hands full with those girls. I especially like that high school graduation picture. Lovely post about a lovely person. And I know right where you were 40 years ago! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to Tricia. I am the mother of a 42 year old - my one and only child. So some days I do feel old. Time does fly by.

  5. Happy Birthday to Tricia. I had a harder time saying I was a mother to a 30 year old (now 31) than I did turning 50 (which happened a few months later)! Time just flies, doesn't it?

  6. Here's sendin' your beautiful girl a great big happy birthday wish!!! I hope she has a very special day!!!

    Yep...I don't know how these kiddos catch up with us!!! Heeehehehehe!!! Geek Son will be 38 in Dec. What's with that??? :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a grand time celebratin' this milestone birthday with your girl!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Trica!
    Great photos, and that last one just emphasizes that all mothers need eyes in the back of their heads:)

  8. When your kids hit forty it seems to be a water shed moment for Mom and Dad. Happy birthday to Tricia and good luck to her in her Nurses Practitioner program.
    I have two kids who'e hit the forty mark.

  9. My Mom was saying the same thing earlier this month only her's was 50!

  10. Happy birthday to everyone! :o)

  11. My dad said that when I turned 60--LOL!
    My son is gong to be 38 this fall, so I am creeping up quickly on having a 40 year old. You would have to bring this up! LOL! ;)

  12. Happy Birthday Tricia. My Mother and I shared "0" Birthday years. She was 20 when I was born. daughter # 1 is 38 so I will soon be reaching this milestone too. Doesn't it seem like such a short time ago we were 40? I loved my 40s. I hope she does too.

  13. I really don't know how it happens myself otherwise I'd try and explain. I don't have a clue! Your family is so cute and it's funny because my one and only daughter had her hs graduation picture taken with my horse (really it was a family horse). I was the horse lover but they all rode him....some better than others! LOL!

  14. 1972 was a great year for me, met again my childhood friend and we married in 1974 our only child a sweet girl will be 35 in the late of this year, she still seems to be our baby doll and tiny at that..she had many friends who rode horses and had some senior pictures with those horses, our daughter loved to ride them, but we lived in the city not far from the places the horses were boarded, many people in this county are horse people just makes them a little nicer I like to think so..Happy 40th Birthday Tricia, your momma has a sweet blog and congrats upon your nursing plans, this country needs more Nurse Practinioners indeed..Many happy returns for a wonderful day and year...ciao

  15. Her family is gorgeous just like her. You have one really smart kid. Nurse practitioner - - - very, very impressive!

  16. Happy Birthday Tricia!!! My youngest will be 40 later on this year. You have a beautiful family.

  17. Wonderful shots of your beautiful girl!

    1. My 36 year old was distraught when he turned 30 so I can't imagine how he will do at 40. I don't even remember 40.

  18. ooh I get your point, even though I'm ten years behind. Weird eh? I guess it just gets weirder and weirder, especially since I still think I'm twenty. I'm pretty sure I don't mind getting old, I just forget that I am doing that at this very moment.


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