Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dessert

We headed north for Easter Dinner.  I took along corn that was frozen off the cob last summer.  I also took along some Granny Smith Apples, Snickers Candy Bars and Cool Whip for a quick salad that growing boys will eat.  Noah helped me cut up the candy bars..he likes using the biggest knife..I showed him how to pick up the candy on the side of the huge knife he was using…being very careful so he didn’t cut his fingers off.
Andrew smoked a ham in his smoker, they cut up melons and made some different potatoes with onion and egg.  Cooked carrots and deviled eggs rounded out the meal ..oh and some of the best dinner rolls you have ever tasted..they melted in your mouth.

Jen made dessert.  She is a really good baker..she is a really good cook.  Neither talent is from me.

I asked her if she would like me to bring dessert..I suggested an apple pie.  I make a decent apple pie..not fabulous ..but decent!

It would never compare to this Carrot Layer Cake.
Jens Carrot Cake
I am sure that the finest restaurants would not have a Carrot Cake this good.  The best part is ..she sent home two slices for us to enjoy again today!  Yes, she even made the little carrot decorations.

The boys have grown again..taller..for finicky eaters they sure grow like weeds.  Adam ate ham for the first time yesterday.  His Grandpa said “Go ahead and touch it to your tooth Adam.”  One time when he was here with us I had him try some new kind of food..he touched it to his tooth and said “Nope ..I don’t like it.” Adam liked the ham today..he declared it a pretty good tasting food:)
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  1. Wow! That is indeed a beautiful cake, and bet it tasted good too, from your description. A salad with snickers in it? I'll bet the kids loved it. What a wonderful feast you had, Connie. And now we are well into a lovely springtime. Yayy!

  2. Okay, the cake looks inviting but Snickers and whipped cream salad? Really? You gotta share!

    1. Hi Berte, Peel and chop Granny Smith Apples, and snickers candy bars..and add cool easy even I can do it:)

  3. The cake is award winning!! I am so glad you had the chance to spend Easter with those you love.

  4. Oh that carrot cake looks, to die for!!! Ya can see the moistness in the pic!!!

    Mmmmmm, I love the Snickers (salad) 'round here. My DIL, The Latin Lovin' Hillbilly, makes it ofter for family dinners.

    Sound's like ya'll had a marvelous Easter and Mr. Adam developed a new taste for the tradition meat!!!

    God bless and have an extraordinary week sweetie! :o)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. :o)

    Happy Monday to you all!

  6. That is an AMAZING looking carrot cake. Funny how even kids that hardly seem to eat still grow!

  7. Yummy looking cake!!!
    Apples, Snickers and whipped cream in no way fit my definition of a salad. According to Wikipedia, there is such a thing as a dessert salad, so I guess I need to expand my horizons:)
    Maybe I was lucky, but my kids always loved the traditional green type salad, which sometimes had apples in it.
    Oh, just remembered my mother-in-law's jellied salad....but Snickers....ummm no:)
    I think I need to make that Snickers salad for myself, to do a taste test you know!

  8. Mm-mm-good! Sounds like a wonderful meal and a great time with family.
    Carrot cake is one of my favorites. Jen's looks very yummy, indeed! The carrots are cute as can be, too! Perfect for Easter!

  9. That cake looks marvelous. I am of course fond of it very much. A decent pie sounds really good too. It was fun to have all the family together I am sure. It had to be a great Easter for Far Side and Far Guy.

  10. Looks and sounds YUMMY ! Love that carrot cake ! Sounds like all had a wonderful time ! Glad you all had a good Easter !

  11. You made me hungry just reading about all that great food. That cake is fantastic!

  12. Would love to taste test the cake. Remember when I had that salad years ago. Ehats wrong with me I didn't like it. I know I must be sick or something. I'm sure my grandchildren would have to remember to make it for them. Ann

  13. Now when I read the title I was immediately looking forward to this post. I wasn't disappointed. Sounds like you had a super Easter.

  14. I love carrot cake! If that tastes as wonderful as it looks then it must be a winner!
    And apples, snickers, and cool whip? Well, that is some salad! Yum!

  15. Uh, yum! I'm a sucker for a good carrot cake and that one looks fabulous. The whole meal sounds amazing. And I always love coming here and seeing your gorgeous photos. Thanks for tapping me. Glad to hear from you, Connie! You're right - I am busy. Blogging is become more elusive but I do still love it whenever I can manage a peek or two. Easter blessings and may your whole week be a celebration!

  16. Touch it to your tooth! I have to remember that, oh yes i do!


  17. Wow! A Snicker salad? I never heard of it but I will be trying it for sure! I've gotten the best recipes this Easter season. Sounds like your Easter was wonderful and that cake looked like it was from some fancy bakery! I love carrot cake. I'd like to make those little decorative carrots on the top but haven't clue how you do that. If you think of it sometime ask her how she learned as that is something I would like to pursue. It looks like fun to me. I wonder if it's a Wilton cake decorating thing. I never did that either. I'll have to research on Google maybe. What an appropriate dessert for Easter...carrot cake! Thanks for sharing all of those yummy treats! I have to go eat something made me hungry.


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