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Wistful Wednesday : 1966

In 1966 I was confirmed.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is a bit stuffy sometimes.  But by golly we make our kids memorize Luther’s Small Catechism or all the the “what does this mean?” parts of that Catechism. 

I went to confirmation class on Saturday morning from 8-11 or maybe even noon.  I hated getting up on Saturday morning.  School five days a week, then confirmation on Saturday morning and church on Sunday morning..when all I wanted to do was sleep in.

Here I am clutching the Luther's Small Catechism.

Connie Confirmation 1966 April 03

The Mothers all got together and sewed confirmation gowns.  Under that gown I am wearing a store bought dress..oh it was lovely.. a knit that was a turquoise and beige tweedy thing with three quarter sleeves and a peter pan collar..I loved that dress. 

Confirmation Days would not be complete with out a big meal and lots of relatives.  I do not remember, but I am sure my Mother cooked a big meal and asked a whole bunch of relatives over for dinner. Unless we had a church dinner in the basement of the church to honor all the confirmands.

I see Easter Lilies on the Alter in the church.. this was Palm Sunday in 1966.

Confirmation Class April 03, 1966

It was a small church.  These were all the 8th, 9th and 10th graders that I was confirmed with.  I was in 9th grade that year. When it came to our questioning..we were allowed to answer as a in numbers…and some of those kids were really good with the What does this mean part:)

1 Peter 5:10 “And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.”

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  1. Interesting memories. Wonderful old photos. I'm not sure I could answer what that means.

  2. Wonderful memories ! I was born just before your confirmation in April of 1966 ! Awesome photos ! Have a great day !

  3. I didn't know Lutherans had confirmations for their young ones; I thought it was only Catholics. Sure wish I could see a picture of that pretty dress you described so well! :-)

  4. Thanks for sharin' your beautiful memories sweetie, just look at you in that second picture...your beamin'. I can see Jesus in that smile sweetie! If that's not confirmation, I don't know what it is!!!

    God bless and have a spectacular spring day!!! :o)

  5. Great memories. Too bad you couldn't show off that pretty dress. The Mr. was confirmed in that synod.

  6. Oh the memories. I too was confirmed on a Palm Sunday in the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran church! Saturday confirmation class sucked! So what was your bible verse you were given?

    1. I think it was John 3:16 I have a booklet someplace and a certificate that has the verse. I will have to look for it! What was yours?

  7. Looks like you had a pre-made Ghost costume for Halloween too...

    I like that bible verse.

  8. What precious memories and precious (looking) kids! I love that the girls have adopted the same hair style, with slight variations!

  9. I was confirmed as an adult in LCMS, so thankfully, I didn't go through questioning or memorizing. My church does group questioning, too. It is much less stressful for the confirmands.

  10. Interesting that my Dad was brought up in the Lutheran church and he talked about confirmation and it sounds like the same routine. Dad's confirmation would have been about 1926.

  11. I was Methodist and we had confirmation, too. Yup--it kind of ruined the weekends, that's for sure. I have always been a questioner and found out that was not appreciated in confirmation classes. I found them, therefore, dull, boring, memorization classes just like most of my classes in school. The main thing I remember is the pastor's daughter swearing and wanting to play hooky after our break and not go back to class. I joined her a couple of times. She also smoked! Helen was the most fascinating thing about confirmation class. ;)

  12. Maybe you are all smiling so brightly because you know that now your Saturday morning classes are done!

  13. I also didn't realize that Lutherans do confirmations. Raised Catholic I definitely experienced the whole confirmation ritual thing. Ours was done with all the kids in the whole diocese which I think covered our whole state and it was huge and overwhelming but I do remember a brand new dress under the robe. I don't recall the details of mine but I'm sure it probably had a Peter Pan collar too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  14. Such a pretty smiling picture of you! This old Baptist didn't have to go through confirmation classes, but I stood in front of our church in a group answering questions and pledging my faith many times, so I can relate somewhat.

  15. I was confirmed in a different Lutheran Synod, but we had those long Saturday morning Confirmation classes too. I remember my Confirmation verse:

    "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help". This has proved to be true. I lived in Wisconsin growing up but it was much like MN.

  16. I was confirmed 1955 in a Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ohio.. We also had Confirmation classes on Saturday mornings. Sometimes the Pastor got a bit peeved at some of the kids who didn't do their memory work -- so the next Saturday they had to go, but the ones who knew their stuff didn't. Made my Mom happy as we lived in the country & our Church was about 10 miles.

    Good memories,

  17. I was confirmed in the Methodist Church but I remember classes and never getting enough sleep back then and I had a picture of myself like yours in the white gown, pointy toed flats which made my big feet look even bigger and I had the dark framed glasses which are now back in style! LOL! I really am pretty sure we must be related...Ha! Ha!


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