Thursday, February 22, 2018


We got just about 5 1/2 inches of snow.  It made everything look all pretty again.

snowstick 14 and one half inches

We need the moisture but this was a real dry fluffy snow…you couldn’t make a snowball to save your life.

Snow Feb 20

We walked outside and shoveled some snow.  I made a path for Chance so he doesn’t have to drag his belly through the snow to do his duty.  My nephew Josh was by to plow us out twice…I just had to finish up in front of the garages.

We worked on taxes and they are ready to go to the accountant. 

I have been playing with beads and making more eyeglass holders.  I enjoy making them.

eyeglass holders

Far Guy is working on his steps and getting stronger.  Chance had a short bout of pancretitis again for about 24 hours…but he is all better now.  Old dogs…a real challenge to keep healthy.  This time it was a piece of chicken with breading that made him ill.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: Rabbits

When I was growing up my brother and I had a rabbit, it was a gift from my Uncle Theron so it was appropriate that the rabbit was named Theron…we may have had more than one rabbit…two maybe.

Years later at the resort I may have taken leave of my senses and purchased two angora rabbits…they died…not sure why.  The children visiting the resort loved the rabbits…the next spring I purchased two regular old rabbits…I was told they were the same sex.  Either both boys or both girls. We named them Ebony and Ivory.

The rabitts

One morning Far Guy hollered for me, something was wrong with Ivory she had blood all over her.  Well I could see nothing visibly wrong with her…then I checked the nest box.  Screamed and slammed the top closed.  Baby bunnies…Ivory was a Mom…which meant that Ebony was the Dad..and they were not the same sex.  Ebony needed to go in his own cage…male rabbits will eat baby bunnies.  Ivory was keeping him at bay…or entertaining him…who really knows what rabbits think.

We went to town and got stuff to build a new hutch…one with an insulated nesting box so the babies would have a chance. One died…as I recall there were 12 little bunnies, they are born hairless or nearly so and look all wrinkled and funny.

We moved the hutches to a spot under the low hanging branches of the Spruce trees where they would be protected by the branches and out of the north wind.  I would have to feed everyone all winter.

Do you know that a rabbits gestation peroid is about 31 days?  

Seems that while Ivory was keeping  Ebony away from her babies…she had been entertaining him…in 31 days we had another batch of rabbits…14 this time if I recall correctly. We had to modify Ebony’s hutch to give him space on one half of the hutch and moved the month old baby rabbits to the other half of his hutch until they could be moved back in with Ivory after the new babies were old enough. 

I fed rabbits all winter and took them fresh water three times a day.   They were tame rabbits and loved to be petted.

At that time we had four Shelties, Misty, Moses, Captain and G’Day Mate.  I taught them not to chase rabbits.  “No chasing bunnies” Oh they wanted too…but they wanted to please me more….and hated being scolded.

Mate me Ebony and Misty

G’Day Mate, Ebony, Me and Miss Misty watching from outside of the fence.

The dogs were curious about the bunnies but left them alone.  You see my plan was to release some of the bunnies and find homes for some…my sister Julie took quite a few.


The release went well. My husband had done the math…once he told me how many rabbits I would have to take care of the next winter I knew I had to release them.

We had bunnies all colors, black, white, and every shade of brown.  I fed them morning and night…they would come running out of the woods when I hollered for them.  A few found the way into the neighbors gardens.  Arvilla once said “Funny we have never had problems with rabbits eating our gardens but now we do.”  Rabbits were everywhere that summer, the tourists thought it was great and little kids would run after them…some of the retired guests would see how many bunnies they could count in a day.

A number of years later when we moved back here just about a half a mile from the old resort we drove in the driveway and there was a bunny that greeted us.  Far Guy said “I bet that is a relative of one of your bunnies.”  I got out of the vehicle and just talked to the bunny, it stood up on its haunches and listened. (Perhaps I am a rabbit whisperer)

So you see the rabbits that feed under the bird feeders in our yard probably look like regular domestic rabbits…because they are relatives of the rabbits I accidently raised.

To this day I cannot understand why rabbits are not raised in poor countries for food.  I found rabbits really easy to raise.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Brayer and snow

I had no idea that a little rubber ink roller was called a brayer. 

Last Fall at the scrapbooking retreat one of the gals had a whole box of “stuff” that she was giving away.  My daughter Jen grabbed the little roller thingy and said “Here Mom you need this.”  She explained that it works well to ink larger stamps.


Last week in Far Guys birthday package there were several gifts for me and a note saying  “Dad’s birthday but you got gifts.  How does that work?”  The sunflower stamp was large enough that I could try out the brayer to ink the larger stamp.  (The cling stamp gets mounted on an acrylic block prior to stamping.)  Remember my word for 2018 is explore.

So I stamped a bunch of sunflowers on water color paper and will have fun coloring them…they are in my work play box on my desk.

I did get a wild hair…looking for a particular stamp…found one and ordered it…the brayer may come in handy on that one too.  Many hours can be spent just exploring new stamps...

It snowed here…about 5 inches.  More snow is forecast.  Right now we have 9 inches at the snow stick. With more to come today.

Far Guy is getting a little stronger everyday.  Yesterday he fed the birds and walked Chance outside and then walked around and around indoors.


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Monday, February 19, 2018


I finished off one of those “explore” projects, stitch markers made from little charms and “stuff” that was hanging around in my beading supplies.  I will never make them again…at least not without taking lessons in how to close jump rings.  Nope no photos.

Then I decided I better explore that Shiny Brite tree upstairs before I have to dust it.


Far Guy helped for awhile I conned him into thinking that back and forth was worth a few steps.

It snowed most of the day…not sure how much we got 4 maybe 5 inches.


It was a good day to put all the Shiny Brites away.  I bought a new storage container for some of the most collectable ornaments. I still have to place some notes in that new storage container about the ornaments…what they are and why they are special.

Better late than never.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wildlife Cooperation

Of course we are involved in this cooperation.  We buy the Niger Thistle seed to fill the feeders.
The Redpolls empty the feeders almost daily.  Sometimes we can skip a day but not often.
Under the feeder you may notice some brown amongst the black.
Turd makers
Here is one of the turd makers.  They feed in this area after dark and very early in the morning.  There is a rabbit highway that leads out of the woods into the yard.  We have three rabitts…one is smaller than the others.  I hope that the Silver and Red Foxes don’t find them.

Sometimes we put out carrots and sometimes corn.  Sometimes the thistle seed that the Redpolls drop is enough for them.  I like watching them out the kitchen window.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trail Cam : Visitors

We finally had the chance to get in the trail cam and download the photos.

We had some weird tracks in the yard one day…never found out what it was.

I did notice some larger than Chance tracks and some turkey tracks.

Odda Trail cam

Odda came to visit one day while Far Guy was in the hospital.

Trail cam turkeys

The turkeys must have thought it was easy pickins when Chance was away.

We had a busy week.  Three health care appointments, some house cleaning and shopping for groceries was accomplished.  We are staying to ourselves for a few more weeks.  Far Guy walked outside yesterday for the first time in almost a month.

I am feeling much better, I am still a little tired but my cough is completely gone…knock on wood.  It took just about a month to get rid of it…I first got sick January 18…so figure a month. That was one long lasting siege.  Far Guy still has nine days to go before his month is up.  I hope his cough is completely gone by then.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Family News

Our youngest Grandson Adam is headed with his Vex Robotics team the Arctic Knights to The World’s!!!  The competition will take place in Louisville Kentucky in late April. It is quite an accomplishment for this young team from a little town in Minnesota.  The team is mostly 10th graders.

Four young men and two young ladies.

Headed for world competition

Adam the tall kid with the shades.

Last week our youngest daughter Jennifer was the recipient of the NISOD award.  (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development)  She was nominated by her peers because of her contribution to student learning and success. 

Congratulation to Adam and Jennifer on your accomplishments.  We are very proud of you!!

Jen is focused her boys not so much 

Here you can see how focused Jen is…her “boys” not so much.  But it is a photo that makes me smile.

Far Guy continues to improve everyday and he is getting stronger.  He is walking about 3,000 steps a day.  (He was at 6,000 before he got sick.)

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

2 to 68

Just like that!

Gene 1952 #2 (2)

Far Guy was just little back in 1952, he was two years old…I can see both Savannah and Mikey in that expression.

A few weeks ago we did not know if Far Guy would make it to his 68th birthday…but he did and I took some photos to mark the day.

Gene and Chance

My fellas

68 years old

Happy 68th birthday…glad you made it!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

just another lovey dovey day

Happy Valentines Day!

At our home we celebrate love just about everyday… a hug, a kiss, a wink, a kiss thrown in the air with a smacking noise…or just a knowing glance exchanged…I try not to roll my eyes too often….he knows what that means too.  Many times we will be thinking the same thing…this is our 50th Valentine’s Day together.  ( We dated for 2 plus years before we got married.)

Has our love changed over the years…yes…it is less demanding and more accepting, thankful instead of taken for granted…we are most happy to be spending this Valentine’s Day togther.

When Far Guy was in the hospital I was going to run some errands…he told me to walk down the card aisle and pick out my valentine card…I said “Well I will read lots of them and then stroll down the chocolate aisle and then go by all the flowers.”  He thought that was a grand idea!

The valentines flag

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monday Report

Well Far Guy and I had to play Doctor as no one returned the lab results to us as they were supposed to.  So what do you do…omit a dose of rat poison… or guess??  Well we guessed that the dose would be the same as the past two days. ( I wonder if the lab will ever call?)  Good Golly I waited all afternoon to get the results…but I did get the kitchen disinfected again and the downstairs bathroom cleaned.  Far Guy had a nap and so did Chance.

Our weather was really cold –22F or –30C eh! Monday morning.  I tried to stave off the brisk mailbox walk as long as I could until the Border Collie could not stand it anymore and barked at me…he never barks. Far Guy got lots of get well cards in the mail!  I fed the little Redpolls more Niger Thistle seed they are really hungry.

I did some laundry and then fixed Adobo chicken, baked potato and corn for supper.  I fell asleep during the Evening News…so I have no idea what is happening out there, nor do I care very much.


Chance not cooperating for a photo.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday report

I am kept busy taking care of Far Guy and Chance. 

Yesterday Chance and I started our day with a brisk walk to the mailbox, even though it was Sunday and there is no mail.  It was too cold to take him along to town…so he pouted as we left him behind.

We decided that we would have breakfast in town before Far Guys Coumadin test and chat with the Doctor.  Burger King’s biscuits with bacon egg and cheese…we haven’t had that in years. We dined in the car at the old beach in town. 

Far Guy is slowly regaining some strength.  SLOWLY.  Nothing seems to move fast enough for him. When I dropped him off at the Clinic doors he took a wheel chair and began to walk over to the hospital…I practically had to run to catch up with him and insist that he ride not walk.

I stopped at a local farm store for a big sack of Thistle Seed, the checkout lady said “You must have Redpolls too, they will eat you out of house and home.” Far Guy waits in the car and listens to tunes.

On the way home I decided that I would make a big pan of lasagna since Far Guy hasn’t much of an appetite and he likes lasagna.  I got it all put together and in the fridge ready to put in the oven after a long nap.  It made enough for four meals for us, one for later this week and two freezer meals.

I hope we can all stay out of the hospital this week.  I am not sure what the week will bring other than blood tests and doctors appointments…and maybe a bit of house cleaning.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still at home

We are still here at home.  Still tired but we keep on keeping on.   Had to wait outside the ER yesterday for an hour before the Doc came out with the coumadin numbers.

We are able to take care of our own selves.  At times it is touch and go…we wish it was more going but that would be TMI.

Old truck March 2009

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Home once more

Far Guy got the okay to come home.  He MUST rest and take it easy. Doctors orders.  We have to go in to the hospital and have a blood test and see the Doc today and Sunday.  They are monitoring the level of the coumadin/warfarin/rat poison in his system.  I hope eventually we can monitor this at home.  I shudder to think of all the germs he will encounter on each visit to the hospital/clinic.

One day at a time. Hopefully the third time is a charm.   Chance is happy to have us all in one place.  It is really cold here…way below zero.  -22F Friday morning that is –30C eh!

I am tired. We all napped yesterday afternoon.  Naan bread pizza and a bowl of fruit…blackberries, bananas and pineapple was supper.


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Friday, February 9, 2018

Infusion Day

Yesterday was infusion day.   I was able to bring in all the supplies and the “stuff” to infuse Far Guy in the hospital yesterday.  The Nurses asked what we needed and I said “an IV pole.”  Most pharmacies in hospitals do not carry the protein that we infuse.

Far Guy cannot skip infusions they must happen weekly to help protect his lungs. Luckily his Doctors understand this and told the nurses that we will handle the infusions ourselves.  (There are rules about hospital employees using outside medications on a patient.)

We get shipments once a month.  Last week when he was in a far away hospital, they would not ship the needed shipment because he was in the hospital…so after he was discharged I went over to the supply place pointed at Far Guy sitting in the car and said “Gimme the stuff, he isn’t in the hospital anymore.”

So we learned a lesson, never tell the supplier when Far Guy is in hospital if we are expecting a shipment. ( I called to ask them to delay shipment by one day because Far Guy was in the hospital and no one was around to recieve the shipment…it cannot freeze.)  I made arrangements the next day to have my brother pick up the shipment at our home before it would freeze…but since Far Guy was in the hospital they could not ship…some Medicare rule…and Medicare doesn’t even cover any of the  cost of the infusions.  Go figure I was fit to be tied.

Infusing in a hospital is different than here at home.  We have a routine, we do everything in the same order every Thursday.  It was an adventure in a different setting.  Far Guy has lost weight…another three pounds…his port is free floating anyway… and I had some trouble acessing his port…eventually I was sucessful.  The actual infusion went well.

A number of the nurses were very interested in learning about Alpa One Antitrypsin Deficiency in all of the hospitals we have been in.  Last night three nurses showed up in Far Guy’s room and said “Tell us more”  …so we did.

Hopefully Far Guy will get out of the hospital today, it depends on what his Doctor has to say and how his blood work looks.  ( I have not told Chance yet!)


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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Knocking on wood

Far Guy is breathing easier, the Doctors said his breathing would improve as his blood thins out.  We had another shower date and I am getting better at helping him shave ( he still shaves the old way …shaving creme and razors).  We walked down the hallway in the hospital and he finally has a bit of an appetite.  Knock on wood he is improving.

I told him I am not up to another scary trip to the ER anytime soon.  Three times is enough for me.  This last time I was doubtful that I would make it there before calling 911.  I might have driven a tad over the speed limit…maybe.

I am tired, Chance is lonely…but we are encouraged that Far Guy’s breathing is finally better.  He has Nurses that are easy on the eyes, a very comfortable bed and good food when ever he wants it.


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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Breathing easier

Far Guy is breathing easier and looks better than he did on Monday.  He is comfortable in the hospital. He ate a good supper last night…salmon and rice. He might get out of there before the weekend if all goes well.  They are in the process of thinning his blood so that the blood clots will slowly dissolve over the next 3-4 months.  He is in fairly good spirits.

I spend my time between the hospital and home taking care of Chance, I come and go throughout the day.  Chance is confused that his whole “pack” is not together.   I get the message from him that I am better than nothing but he is waiting for Far Guy to return.

Chance feb 5

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Yo Yo

Ever feel like you were a yo yo and someone crazy was trying a few fancy tricks with you?

Far Guy had some real bad shortness of breath episodes.  Monday afternoon he had one episode after another, I got him in the vehicle and took him to the nearest ER.  The diagnosis:  He has many small blood clots in his lungs and he will have to be in the hospital a few days.  They will start him on blood thinners.  Hopefully in a day or two or three or four he will feel better.

I will be back with a report when I am able.

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Yo Yo

Ever feel like you were a yo yo and someone crazy was trying a few fancy tricks with you?

Far Guy had some real bad shortness of breath episodes.  Monday afternoon he had one episode after another, I got him in the vehicle and took him to the nearest ER.  The diagnosis:  He has many small blood clots in his lungs and he will have to be in the hospital a few days.  They will start him on blood thinners.  Hopefully in a day or two or three or four he will feel better.

I will be back with a report when I am able.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Quiet Days

We spend our days quietly.

I finally caught up with laundry and disinfecting.  Still catching up on sleep.

I made a wonderful meat loaf one night.  Thanks Mary Lou!  It was a hit.

I am only doing the things that I think are most important. If it involves Far Guy or Chance it takes priority.

Yesterday Chance and I fed the birds, one tiny little Nuthatch and I came eye to eye…he was really hungry. Chance was really bored walking back and forth from the feeders to the garage…I think he missed his longer walk.  No one has ever been able to explain to Chance that the mail does not go on Sunday. In his perfect Border Collie world the mail goes every day.

It was –27 F yesterday morning or –32C eh!

Far Guy is feeling just a little bit better, he is still exhausted and coughing. My hope is that he will improve just a little bit everyday.  He is a little stronger than he was two days ago.

snow on Saturday Feb 3

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Chance: Update on my people

First of all I miss my sister, I would just as soon she move in with us forever….of course she could bring Miney and Little Elvis too!

I have been in a funk. The Fars have only left me one other night and that was a few years ago.  Far Side says I am getting older and get confused easily, home is safe and I like my routine.

My sister writes “Maybe Chance wants you to give him bacon strips, or pet him until you are full of hair, or play ball, or sit with him when he drinks water, or add ice cubes to his water, or help him go around scary corners, or not to leave the room so you can go to the bathroom, or make him brown rice with his food, or brush him, or put apple cider vinegar on his spots, or give him his bone treats! Or sleep on the couch because he can’t see you when you aren’t right next to him. Perhaps he misses his NEW favorite person.”

I guess my sister had fun important stuff planned like sleeping and a weekend with her friends.

Far Guy is a bit better, he tires easily. He has lost 11 pounds.  He is supposed to eat lots of protein. The medication he is on interrupts his sleep.

Far Side still has a bad cough, she is on preventive antibiotics.  She has NOT lost 11 pounds.  She sleeps when she can. She is tired too.

I sleep when I can too.  Far Side and I went to the mail box yesterday…that is the most normal thing she has done in awhile.  She even took her point and shoot and took photos of me.  Yesterday Far Guy said “Your blog didn’t post?”  She replied “I didn’t write one.” Soon she may be back to normal…one day at a time.


It snowed all day.  We had a nice walk, I lead she follows.