Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Mom’s Flowers

My Mother has wonderful flower beds and flowers in containers.  I stopped by there one day this week when it was cloudy and got some great photos.  Love those cloudy days for flower photos!

Here are just a few of her flowers.

Moms Coneflowers and Hollyhocks

Coneflowers and Hollyhocks against Dad’s garage



Moms flowers (2)

Pot of petunias and daisies

moms flowers

Assorted pots

wagon full of flowers

The old wagon full of petunias

They have five gallon buckets that are situated to collect rain water so the flowers are all pampered.  No cold straight out of the hose water for these plants.

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  1. Your Mom's flowers are beautiful. Wonder how she keeps up with the watering!

  2. I love the idea of potting the flowers, and they are all so pretty and bright. Your Mom definitely has a 'green thumb'. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How nice to wake up to your mother's beautiful flowers. They are wonderful!

  4. Oh my, those are all so gorgeous. What a sight to see first thing in the morning.

  5. They are so pretty! I think your mom has a green thumb. :-)

  6. Your mother's flowers are beautiful! What a joy for all her pass by her home. thank you for sharing the photos.

  7. Her flowers are beautiful & what a neat wagon! I meant to ask you yesterday if you remembered the front window of Fullers, with the fish display on ice, and names of the fisherman and the lake where caught on each fish. We loved looking at that!

    1. Hi Kay, Yes Fullers window was a favorite of mine too, we always stopped to look:)

  8. Your mom has a knack for arrangements and a green thumb. Such pretty flowers and hollyhocks have been one of my favorites since I was a kid. Lovely!

  9. I love to see lots of flowers around homes. I planted lots of flowers this year- I'm sure the local greenhouse loves seeing me walk through their door! I love your mom's hollyhock/coneflower srrangement.

  10. So colorful! What a wonderful flower garden.

  11. You mom does love her flowers. It shows by how well everything is in its place and colors are all under control. Organization with great color schemes. My haphazard planting would drive her crazy. The neighbor lady said I was like her daughter, planting as many things as possible in any free spot.

  12. Your Mom has great touch when it comes to flowers. I think she knows a few things about color.

  13. Your mother's flowers are very lovely!!

  14. She is a flower wizard! They're beautiful and she definitely has a green thumb!

  15. Beautiful flowers, and your collie is even more beautiful!

  16. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the hollyhocks and come flowers, neither of which do well in my shady yard.
    Collecting rain water? what's that? 40 days without rain so far now, and counting well into the future.


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