Sunday, July 30, 2017

Where did the day go?

The days seem to go faster and faster.  We had some teenage boy company, one needed a little first aid and later they were pizza delivery boys ( we shared pizza with them, they are growing boys with bottomless pits for stomachs!) and I found some icy treats in the freezer.  One (Jordan) visited Chance several times…and there were hugs all around.

Far Guy and I carved out on the patio until the warmth and sunshine chased us in for a nap.   Supper was potato salad and some of that pizza.

Deer in the bean field one

We went for a ride in the evening.  There were many deer in the bean field.  Some were runners and others were too hungry to run off.

sunset on the bean field

Sunset on the bean field.

Sunset Nilsons barn

The sun is almost gone behind the neighbors barn.  Another day is over…summer days go much faster than winter days.

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  1. Such a peaceful summer day ... I can almost feel myself back in Minnesota!

  2. The older I get the faster time flies....reminds me of the old tape decks where the tape rewinds faster and faster as it gets to the end....our lives may be like those old tapes! LOL!
    Beautiful pictures of life in the country which I always love. Still missing the midwest!

  3. Beautiful shots. I love the last one best- just a gorgeous sunset. I hope I never take those for granted, God's gift to us mere mortals.

  4. Beautiful, Connie! I hate the shortening of days...but thankfully they are still warm so we can be outside in them!

  5. I agree that summer days, although longer than winter days, seem to pass much faster! Lovely pictures of the bean field at sunset. :-)

  6. Sounds like a beautiful summer day! And yes they go by so fast!

  7. I sure do agree that summer days just fly by and you stop and wonder what you did all day. Winter days are much longer and evening starts when it gets dark at 4.
    Have a great week.

  8. Yes, this very full day is winding down now, and i am hurrying to catch up with it!

  9. Whittling away the time. It sounds like you have made great progress on the ornaments. It is great to get side to work. I was washing old pots outside with he garden hose and put a coat of paint to two sides of shelf board. The wren just chatters away at me to get away from its house. When I travel to the old place there is a place at a corner that has deer feeding. Right now it is a bean field.


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