Sunday, July 2, 2017


It has been a Cousin kind of week.  On Monday we were invited “sometime this week to see the flowers”  by my cousin Chuckie.

hen and chicks bloom still closed Hens and Chicks almost in bloom

We finally made it there on Saturday afternoon.

hen and chicks bloom

Hens and Chicks in bloom, it has been my experience that once they make this prolific stalk topped with a bloom that they die.  Chuckie agreed with me.

Wishing well plants

He had many plants in bloom.

I think this one is my favorite.  Calibrachoa Superbells ‘Cherry Star’ or Million Bells. I love the way the throat of the flower is highlighted as a star!

Million Bells

It was a nice visit with Chuckie and his wife Mary Ann.

Other cousins we visited with this week.  Tom and Linda in the grocery store.  Kathy over at the farm.   Far Guy visited with John one day this week when he and Chance were out running errands.

After my Aunt Karen died I contacted two of my cousins by mail from my Mother’s side of the family.  I heard from one who lives in Tennessee and is doing okay.  The other appears to be a Psychic…so she should know I tried to contact her but I sent a note anyway and have not heard from her and I have received no psychic vibes from her either.  Hopefully I will hear something from her, my letter has not been returned…she was tough to track down…she changed her name after she was divorced.  I knew what she wanted to change her name to…and indeed it happened…found her and her new name and a photo…perhaps I am psycho psychic too!

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Pauline Persing said...

Enjoyed reading about the visits with your cousins. Rememinded me of all the visits I've had with cousins.

DJan said...

What an interesting name, Chuckle. At first I read "Chuckie" but then I realized my mistake. I love that pretty "Million Bells" flower, too! :-)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I haven't seen some of my cousins in years and years. It's a sad thing when we only get together for funerals. Time and distance has separated us all. Love the well and flowers= beautiful!

Tired Teacher said...

Your cousin has gorgeous flowers! I know very few of my cousins.

Linda Reeder said...

Once again your humor has me grinning.
I seldom visit with cousins - don't know many of them, and most live far away. Tom did visit with a cousin this week, at the cabin. so there is that.
You live surrounded by family. Your life is so very different from mine. I think that's one reason why I like reading your posts. It does remind me of my life growing up in rural Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph made me chuckle.
We love million bells too - they are virtually care-free!
Wishing you guys a wonderful holiday.

Granny Marigold said...

Those Million bells look lovely and by the sounds of it they are easy to care for. Mental note to self. Buy some!
I don't see any of my cousins any more mainly because they all live in the prairies and I'm here on the coast.

Jacqi Stevens said...

It has always seemed to me that keeping connected with cousins is a good thing...well, almost always, apparently ;)

Those blooms are beautiful. And you know just how to bring out the best in their portraits!

Sam I Am...... said...

As an only child, I dearly loved my cousins but sadly they don't seem to feel the same way! LOL! I try to connect but they don't seem interested..oh well. Love your cousin's flowers and your pics of them. You were SO right about the hen and chicks...remember when I had that one flowering and indeed it did die! I had just bought it too...learned my lesson!

Kansas Kay said...

In reference to a previous post, I had to look up "Glocca Morra" and now will need to watch Finian's Rainbow movie.