Saturday, July 15, 2017

On the road

Far Guy had an appointment yesterday (the last one this week!!)…well it was Friday anyways …duh?

Road in glyndon

He saw his Neurologist for his Trigeminal Neuralgia, nothing has/is changing other than old age neuropathy that may require a cane.  He has a walking stick, but the Doc wants him to be fitted correctly so he will go to Physical Therapy for instructions.

Traffic in Fargo

It was too warm and sunny for Chance to go along, so he stayed home and guarded the house and we made the two hour trip over and back and an hour there for the appointment. Five hours total.  Chance was happy to see us when we returned!

Road construction in DL

This is what will greet the We Fest thousands of people the first weekend in August. What a mess. Welcome to Detroit Lakes Minnesota and the construction season every summer.

Headed home

Finally almost home, no freaking traffic or construction areas.

almost home


I get real bored in the car and usually have my camera ready, if I take photos I am not falling asleep.

So this was our daytime date, no stops …just trapped in the car together for four hours. We saw one accident and several other situations that could have been accidents if we had not been paying attention…I swear some people should not be driving.

Cross another Doctor’s appointment off the list. It is often said that there are really only two seasons in Minnesota …Winter and Road Construction.

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  1. Far Guy and I both have TN and now he is going to use a cane. He should not feel bad about that because I am using a walker! I am much older and find that I feel more secure with the walker. Whatever it takes, Far Guy!

  2. Traffic is exhausting isn't it. I don't know how my daughters do it every day, driving in and out of the Cities. I think Chance was the smart one.

  3. I am glad that Far Guy is stable at least. I'll bet Chance was glad to see you, since he usually goes everywhere with you. :-)

  4. Glad to hear he is hanging in there! I can't believe how many appointments I have this month...all of a sudden! One RA flareup and all of a sudden I am seeing 3 new doctors! I'm not used to all this attention! LOL! Love the country road scenes....I am not a city girl!

  5. Glad all went well. Appointments are exhausting! I bet Chance was one happy, happy fellow when you guys made it home safe and sound. :) :) Yup--winter and construction.

  6. Long trip...Terry and I detest big city driving and I ...I don't even like large Grand Junction. I really do believe people are ruder than ever before.

  7. I agree 110 % that some people should not be driving.

  8. Your pictures remind me of one of our less fun trips to California. We decided to go on "secondary roads" across Kansas, which was fine until we got out in the middle of nowhere -- literally -- and there was a huge construction project going on and we had to sit there for quite a while.

  9. I like the picture of the long, straight road with no one else on it. I'd like driving a lot more if there was less traffic and less careless drivers!

  10. Funny thing, we have the same two seasons in parts of Ontario.

  11. Road construction goes on all summer around here too, in an area that is already known for its horrible traffic. Kinda makes ya wanna stay home.

  12. The road closest to home always looks the best...but I have to say, yours is particularly pretty.

  13. Barney just can't travel in the car anymore. He guards the house and will go to the vet with a lot of work getting him into the car. I have a slanted ramp for him now that works. His back legs catch on a normal step height. It really has been too hot for Barney to even want to go outside.


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