Saturday, July 1, 2017

Friday afternoon

Mikey’s Grandparents bought a home, therefore Mikey and his Mom moved too.  It is a large home …four bedroom and three baths, and various other rooms for storage and man caves, family rooms etc….. it also has acerage and a heated shop…lots of room for two dogs (Jade and Deacon), two cats (Bailey and Ziggy) and the pot bellied pig Sigourney.  Maddie said the move was exhausting, Savannah said it went well and Miss Paige was at work. Everything is in one place and boxes were being unpacked.  It is a pretty large home for a couple of soon to be empty nesters.

The new location is at least 20 minutes farther travel for us. Now it will take 1 1/2 hours one way. 

Mikey was asleep. I held him for awhile. Then I asked Maddie to uncover him…he was all snuggled in a blanket nice and cozy warm.

Hey Mikey wake up!

Hey Mikey!  Wake up!

Hey Mikey June 20 2017

Hey Mikey you are five weeks old!

Today his facial features reminded me of Paige when she was a baby.   I think he is losing some hair…but I didn’t say anything …some babies lose a lot of hair!

On the way back we stopped to see how things were in Glocca Morra…but no one was home.

Glocca Morra

The red geraniums sure were pretty…I moved a small Kangaroo on the patio just so they would know someone had been there.

We talked about going into Bemidji for supper but decided to come on home and find something in the freezer…Far Guy had Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo and I had some hotdish (hamburger, diced potatoes and mixed vegetables.) It is great to have freezer food that can be ready in minutes after a busy afternoon.

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  1. Moving is never easy and I can imagine with a little one. Mikey is adorable. Sorry the new home is further away from you. John and I do not tolerate long rides in the car well. I love to have meals ready to heat after a busy day. We are on a low carb diet trying to lower John's blood sugar and we both are starving! lol

  2. Thanks for the new picture of Mikey. He is so cute and really growing fast.

  3. What a cutie....look like he wasn't really done with that nap! LOL! A new was fast and wonderful for them! Big move but not as big as the grandparents I bet. It takes years to accumulate 'stuff' and then to try and get rid of it when you scale down! LOL! I hope all recover from it and thank goodness it wasn't the middle of winter. It seems like that is always when we moved...really not fun! LOL!

  4. Such a cutie! It's a good thing they have a big house and lots of space outdoors for children and grandchildren. I think they will be needing it!

  5. It looks like it will be a wonderful home for Mikey and Mom, but I too wish it were closer to you. BTW, I didn't feel anything when they said we had an earthquake. Hope it stays that way in the future! :-)

  6. Glad that the move came off without a hitch. Mikey is adorable - sleeping and awake.

  7. Mikey is certainly the center of attention whether he knows it or not.

  8. Mikey's little smile is so cute. Bet you love holding him.

  9. Moving always is exhausting it seems. Glad that it is done now.

  10. Aww, little Mikey! Too bad about the move, it will make it harder for you to see Mikey now. Maybe you can meet halfway.

  11. Visits with Mikey will now be even more of an occasion.
    Who/What is Glocca Morra, and what's this about a kangaroo?

  12. Glocca Morra is the name of a cousins cottage, we stopped there to visit. (There is a sign on their railing) They had a small kangaroo planter on their deck and I moved it...they will surely notice that someone had ben on their deck :)

  13. Mikey is getting really cute!


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