Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pontoon Ride for 12

I went for a pontoon ride with my other baby brother, his wife, daughter Katie, and eight of their grands.  Two kids per adult!  (They have thirteen grands total but only eight went for the ride.)

I miss the chatter of children and the little girls kept talking and talking mostly about their chickens and what their names were( Poopy, Lena, Claire, Ena and many more I cannot remember! How the original Poopy died under the water dish one day so they just named another one Poopy) and how they were going to sell eggs….and the water and fishing…and snapping turtles.



Wind in their hair.

We saw seven loons total, that is a good amount for the lake….but NO babies.  Those darn Eagles feasted on all the babies.


Back on the dock I attemped a photo…



Note : The little girl with the pink pants, her flip flops don’t match.  When I pointed that out to her she said “ It’s all right, I couldn’t find the match.”



It was a fun time out on the lake.  I enjoy all the children.  They are all growing up so fast!  The oldest boys are thirteen years old  now.  Soon they will all be teenagers!

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  1. It is always fun to be around children, and I am sure those 8 were no exception. I love the little one that said she couldnt find the 'other' flip flop! Have a great Tuesday.

  2. A wonderful adventure, it sure looks like. They are adorable! Thanks for sharing them with me, Far Side. :-)

  3. Kids are the greatest. They are unpredictable and honest and that's what makes it fun.

  4. What a lot of fun - when I was back in SD earlier this month my family rented a pontoon boat and we had the best time. You have a good looking bunch of grands.

  5. I love pink pants' attitude. She will totally enjoy her life, no doubt! Took me decades to realize things like that don't matter at all. ;)

  6. What fun, and a cute bunch of happy children. The one mismatched flipflops -- I like her style!

  7. Very imaginative names for those chickens. Especially Poopy the first and then the second. Trust kids to think up something like that.

  8. Little girls talking about .... their chickens! I love it!
    Fun post!

  9. Kids in larger groups really can feel comfortable to just talk among themselves. Being on the lake kind of clears the mind and you want to just talk. It looks like a great group of kids.

  10. What a fun time! I miss children here....they are as scarce as hen's teeth.


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