Saturday, July 22, 2017

Busy Week

We had three doctors appointments this past week, so far only one appointment for next week!  A week off for me as Far Guy can go to his Physical Therapy appointment all by himself.

Far Guy has a new Pulmonary Specialist who trained with the Doctor ( Alpha 1 Specialist) that we saw at the Mayo Clinic…so we feel that Far Guy is finally in good hands.  Far Guy is no better, but he is no worse either in regard to his Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.   The no worse part is in part due to the weekly infusions and staying away from sick people and anyone wearing fragrance of any kind including bug spray.

We had a date night last night and went out for a quick Walleye dinner and then headed over for the Spirit Lake Concert.  It was Bluegrass this week, there was a change of venue due to rain so it was moved indoors to the high school.  We stayed for half of the concert and then it got really warm so we came home and played cards with the neighbors.

We managed to up the total of Christmas Ornaments Ready to Paint: 55  Painted :3 Total 58.  This next week I will begin to paint a few more.

Far Guy is doing R and D on a new flower carving.  Here is the inspiration.

Indian Paintbrush

We headed to Sheilas place one night to take photos.  Sheila is attempting to carve Indian Paintbrush also.  I have an idea how I would do it…but right now I just don’t have the time to carve it…only to think about carving it. Sheila graduated from High School with Far Guy and is also in our woodcarving group.

Oh yes Community Education called and would like us to teach another soap carving class this winter. So I said yes…Far Guy and Sheila have agreed to help.

I didn’t mow the lawn this week, but I did spray a bunch of Poison Ivy along the road….It is a job I really enjoy.  I also weeded my poor pathetic flower garden that the squirrels have decimated.

We finally got about 2 inches of rain Friday evening.

Sun setting on Reinos Runway

Nearing sunset on the runway at Sheilas.

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  1. Looks like a busy week indeed. The rain must have been a nice relief. And that's a lovely photo of the sunset, do have a great weekend. Warm greetings!

  2. You do stay busy for sure! We spend a lot of time going to appointments for Jim, but this week has been a 'no go' and I was thankful for that. Nice post today; treasure that rain...we need it too.

  3. Isn't it funny how busy we can be after we "retire"? Nice your appointments are over for a while and you can move on to more fun things. Have a relaxing weekend!

  4. Glad to hear that FG is in such good hands, with all he has to deal with. And I look forward to the Indian Paintbrush carving. :-)

  5. It's reassuring to find a doctor who "gets it" and that you don't have to train yourself. Sending good wishes your way.

  6. You get out a lot more than Ted and I do! Good to hear that you have a good doctor now for Far Guy.

  7. Glad FarGuy has a good doctor he likes and trusts. Boggles the mind how anyone could carve those flowers out of wood, but I have been amazed by you two before--LOL! Good to be done with most of the appointments and got out for some fun stuff, too. :)

  8. How good that FarGuy has found an excellent physician. You are finding some fun events to attend.

  9. Thankful that FG has a good dr. now. Between us and the cats, there are always appts. to go to around here. We love a week where we don't have any!
    Your dinner out sounds good and I love that last photo.

  10. That is the story of our going and coming now.
    You guys sure stay busy, Hoping good weeks ahead for you both.

  11. Nice that you got two inches of much needed rain.
    That's a nice photo of the sunset.

  12. That is quite the flower to try and carve! I'll be interested to see FG's interpretation of it. Two inches of rain in an evening seems like a lot, it must have been very heavy. We had 29 days with no rain, then got a little bit over a few days, but it is not enough to do much good.

  13. We have Indian Paintbrush down here that grows wild everywhere. Thank you for telling me what it is! LOL! I love it and what a challenge that will be to carve. You all are so talented! Is it a real runway? For a plane?


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