Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Drive on Saturday Night

The wheat in this area is ready to be combined.  There were three combines out in the field.  (Corporate Farming)

Two Combines

In this photo two are working close together.  The third one was off in the distance.  We were glad that the breeze was from the east today…blowing the grain dust away from us.

We finished our drive…didn’t see any deer…I suppose the combine noise kept them in the woods.

Stopped by to visit with Chance’s friends  Odda and Putz.

Chance and Putz Putz and Chance played ball and then Putz talked Chance into a game of tag…herding dog games!


Odda just likes to be close to us and enjoys being petted.  Here she is cuddled up as close to Far Guy as she can get!

Steve combining the peas

Steve was out in the field combining peas.  ( Non Corporate Farmer)


The peas will be hog feed.

The weather is about to turn from hot and dry to hot and wet with storms.  So farmers are hustling to bring crops in. 

I didn’t take a photo of the corn field..the non irrigated corn fields are shriveling up and dying…the rain will be too little too late to save the corn.

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  1. It's definitely the end of summer, isn't it? You can see that very clearly in your pictures. Love the cute Odda. :-)

  2. A clear sign of Fall when the wheat whackers are on the move.

    My brother's combine was just like Steve's.

    Love the photo of Odda.

  3. Odda is such a sweet dog. That kind of dog just wants to be close and hope that you know how to pet them. The rain patterns were really weird this year as Minnesota always seemed to get rain. Southern Iowa and Missouri are getting dumped on the past few days and we had a little.

  4. I remember Odda, and Putz is cute as can be. Glad Chance got to play with friends!
    We are still dry in Georgia.

  5. I laughed at the "herding dog games" - was that said with a bit of an eye-roll? Tucker LOVES finding another dog who thinks the way he does. The retrievers just don't understand him and take offense at this attempts to herd them!
    I hate to see crops lost due to weather. Sad.

  6. All the corn here is brown, too, but it's almost all dent corn.
    The cotton and sorghum is still in the fields.
    Beautiful dogs all.
    Have a great week!

  7. For farmers, when the weather says "jump," well, that's exactly what they have to! Hope everyone rescues their crops in time!

    With everyone so busy, don't expect you'll be seeing your deer for a while...

  8. Putz and Chance look just like children talking over what to play next.

  9. Combining has not started here. The silage has been done.

  10. I love Chance and his doggie friends! We would never have any crops here in the "rainy" Pacific Northwest without irrigation. We have summer drought.

  11. Awww - adorable doggie shots!

  12. Sweet doggies! Too little rain, too much rain, it's a sad state of affairs.

  13. Any day with three beautiful, loving doggies hanging around ya has to be a good day!

  14. I think Oda wants to live with you!


  15. Oh, I would cuddle that Odda! I hope the farmers will end up okay for the year. Hot and sticky has been the game lately. Chance sure likes to visit his friends, though. He's such a handsome boy! :)


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