Monday, January 14, 2013

Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Recently we went over to the Far Guy’s Grandparents old farm to take some photos.

As I walked in back of the house I noticed that someone a long time ago  planted a little Cedar seedling in a metal tire rim.

Unusual  planter

Cedar Tree

I asked Uncle Archie about it.

He said “ My Mother planted that after they filled in the old outhouse hole.”

Who planted the tree in the metal rim

“I have tried to plant other Cedars since then, non of them seem to want to grow like that one my Mother planted!”

As we walked back to the vehicle Far Guy said  “I remember it being in line with the back door.  I thought it was closer to the house.”

So I took a photo:)out the back door

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  1. Mrs. John A. AndersonJanuary 14, 2013 at 5:39 AM

    Your story reminds me of one of Erma Bombeck's great many books, "The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank."

  2. Wow!!! that is quite a good story, so funny the ceder growing out of the old metal rim, Blessings Francine.

  3. Shades of CCR. Did you just get home from Illinois? Love that song.

    Great story and pictures!

  4. That would have been a long walk in the old days. It sure did take off, must have been a fertile spot! :-)

  5. Our family garden used to be planted near the septic tank line and boy did it ever grow well. Wish I could visit some of the old family homesteads. Everyone is dead so no one to ask where they are.

  6. Ahhhh see what good "fertilizer" will do?! :)

  7. Nothing like a bit of **ahem** fertilizer to make things grow!
    You were asking about my new camera- it's a little point and shoot Nikon AW100, but it's waterproof and shock proof, and therefore dust proof and Shirley proof.

  8. A well fed cedar:) It's got nothing on the cedars we grow here though!

  9. I'm still envisioning you walking around with that parka wrapped around your waist...

    and now you are talking about Doo


  10. That woman knew where the best place was to plant a seedling. It probably was the most fertile spot on the farm. She propbably didn't want to grow her tomatoes there.

  11. Looks like the rim may be part of it soon, if it's not already.
    Stay warm!

  12. What can you say about this one. The cedar certainly likes it location. Does the cedar have a good book?

  13. While clearing my father in laws farmstead I ran across the opening for the outhouse. I was astonished as to how far they had placed it away from the house. My brother in law remarked about how the side walk went almost all the way to it except it ended at the front door of a chicken house. They had lain planks off the sidewalk of it to go to the outhouse. I thought they must have been rich as the two parts of the outhouse base were all made out of concret, hand troweled to perfection. Out house had been burned down during a grass fire.

  14. I thought the outhouse always seemed further than it really was ;)

  15. Fertilized grounds no matter from what will always grow something good ! Nice photos ! Have a good day !

  16. 'Nothin' quite like a little of natures fertilizer to help things along! Heeehehehe!

    Great photos girl!

    Our outhouse was behind two giant lilac bushes when I was growin' up...not very close to the house at all!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful day! :o)

  17. A perfect location, for sure! I was always tickled by the extra green spots of grass on our lawn, due to doggy fertilizer!
    Thanks for the song - it will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. One of my favorites!

  18. The tree next to our outhouse on the farm did very well too. In fact was allways bigger then the other ones planted at the same time.GW

  19. Isn't that amazing? Maybe it was the love and nurturing she gave it. Or a mineral in the rim that helped it grow. Does anyone live in the house? I haven't commented but I've been catching up with you. I finally realized that you write in the morning and I read in the afternoon so your blog didn't pop up in Blogger so now I have a list of bloggers I want to read "daily" for sure and you're on it! LOL!
    Did you see where we got a blizzard on Christmas night? Here in AR! It was my Christmas wish and a Christmas miracle all in one!
    When did they start naming Winter storms? Is that the first one? I think it's cool since now you can keep the big ones straight without having to remember the year.
    Good to get back on track with you again..I missed you guys! Totally my own fault!

  20. Hmmmmmmmmmm now you have me thinking. We used to have outhouses at the cottage. They got moved from time to time. Wonder if I plant a cedar tree where I thought they were, if it would grow!!!

  21. Where our old outhouse was is a prune tree. Somethings are really fun to remember!



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