Thursday, April 5, 2012

Car Shopping

Chance and I shopped from the car one day.

Chance shopping

We were waiting patiently for Far Guy to come back/or for someone with a dog to park next to Chance could bark.

We looked at the latest in lawn benches/swings.  I like the design, but they don’t look very comfortable.

Not very comfortable

They will last forever..I suppose you could carry a pillow with you.

Some man ordered these.

Wrong Colors

Spruce green, turquoise, pink and beige. What were they thinking?  I know old men will buy the spruce green and the beige. Young women will buy the turquoise and the  pretty pink.

I am an old lady, I want  four chairs..yellow, lime green, red and turquoise. No beige, no spruce green and no pretty pink.

These chairs say summer to me.

The right colors

I guess I don’t have a spot for four chairs..I already have a patio set, a lawn swing, a buckboard seat and several other wooden benches.  Far Guy already has enough to mow around…however if we build that back deck this just might need a chair or two.

Some people window shop..Chance and I car shopped:)

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  1. I prefer your chairs.

    Now's that's my kinda shopping. Drive-thru.

  2. I would choose the same colors you did. Like you I gave the chairs some thought, but no place to put them. Darn, they are so cute.

  3. I like your chairs. I would like a couple of those around our fire pit.

  4. Those benches do indeed look uncomfortable. Your chairs are much more attractive, and I don't have to tell Chance how good looking HE is! :-)

  5. Oh yeah - I like your chair choice. Those are snazzy colors. I can picture them in my backyard. I also like your idea of car shopping. Browsing by car - suits me.

  6. Give me vibrant colours any time! My choice is the same as yours.

  7. So, what color do you think Chance would have picked?! I enjoy looking at outdoor furniture, too.... maybe Tucker and I need to go car shopping!

  8. I just want chairs and swings that are comfortable! You'd laugh if you saw the ones on MY deck!

  9. Far Guy mows??? You lucky girl you!!! I'm not sure Farm Boy knows how to run the lawn tractor! Heeehehehe!

    Yep, those benches and swings are pretty but I'd have to cover up the pretty with cushions. They look like they'd hurt!

    Love the idea of 'car' shoppin'!!!

    God bless ya and enjoy your day sweetie!!! :o)

  10. I mow...NO more "things" to mow around....but I already have a swinging porch swing, patio set and a pew to sit that two pews.

  11. I moved my stuff off the lawn as I do the mowing and I hate mowing around or moving stuff. I have three patio sets, several chairs and three benches. They have to set on the patios! I even make the grandkids put them back when they move them to the lawn.


  12. Papa does the mowing I do the triming and neither of us minds having to go around move it or trim around all our lawn things ! I do like your choice of colours . Lovely header to ! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  13. I like the colour of 'your' four chairs better than the old guys. Maybe he is putting the pink and blue ones on one spot, and the green and beige ones in another:)
    With those benches, it all depends on the shape as to wether it's comfortable or not. Although I'll admit, my backside in particular does appreciate some padding. You'd think it had enough of it's own, but apparently not.
    Yes you and Chance are window shopping, you're looking through the car window!

  14. My sister and I have an "Adirondack Sighting" competition. If I had seen these, I would have blown her out of the water for the whole season. :)

  15. Ha! Car shopping! Now that was a new one for me. :)
    I like the colors you like, but I also liked the forest green, too.
    Chance looks so handsome, as usual. Have a great day!

  16. You and Chance are a mess. I love those chairs - red, lime green, blue and yellow. Have a nice Easter weekend.

  17. Happy Easter! your colors look like easter eggs.

  18. I like your choice of colors best!
    We have two chairs and a small table that sit out in the weather on a cement patio all year long. In Spring the pollen is too bad to sit out there. Summer it's too get where I'm going....we're just not outdoorsy!!!

  19. Decisions, decisions! I bought some of those silly chairs. They are uncomfortable, don't stand up and get terribly dirty!

  20. I bet Chance has great taste in chairs that he could sit or lie down in for personal comfort.

  21. Oh yeah! I'm with you on the colors! I have 2 dark green ones but I bought some spray paint that you can use on plastic and I think they will be orange before long! LOL! My house is an orangish brick and that's about the only color besides dark brown that will look good with it.


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