Monday, April 2, 2012

April so soon?

I am not ready for April to be here yet.  I want to go back to March..I want a do over.  This is my last month of freedom before going back to work May 1.

I have been working on many projects.

I thought I was done scanning old photos and then I went and found more that I had tucked away upstairs.  Then I found a bunch more of my personal old photos..when will it end.. all these odds and ends of photos.

I finished up the cleaning of the bathroom drawers and cupboards.  It is nice to have some sense of organization again especially in the two drawers I use.   I will super clean the grout between the counter and floor tiles one day this week it has been a few years since I have done that. ( Super cleaning involves a toothbrush and lots of elbow grease with a disinfecting steam finish.  Then the grout is resealed..clean and fresh just like new.)

I have to make a new list of all the things that I want to accomplish early in the month, and then add at least ten days of lollygagging here and there to round out the entire month.

I should go shopping one day too..I think I need a new pair of red crocs..and a red sweater with pockets and a hood…something soft but warm.

I am not looking forward to freezing half to death in the unheated I am hoping that our warmer than usual weather continues into May.  I have scheduled a day for the community to come together and help spring clean the museum and join us for a potluck lunch the first week in May.  We will see how the community responds.

If I could have physically executed a cartwheel I would have done one when one of the Board Members donated a brand NEW shop vac to the museum..not a garage sale used up one that was certain to catch on fire..not one with only the big huge hose that was duct taped on and spewed dust everywhere if the hose was kinked…a brand new one in a box and everything..I was so excited I nearly wet my pants.

We have another fundraiser dinner coming up in April.  Pre sale of dinner tickets could be better..but they are what they are.  I cannot single handedly pre sell all the tickets for them.  So far only a few people have returned their tickets..I sent them to everyone that was a member..and asked for their help selling them.

The Township Donation project that I implemented this year is having some good results.  Checks are coming in and will continue to do so for the next few weeks..early indications are encouraging.

I put many hours into the Township project..most of which were donated hours.  So I guess you could say that I work from home but only get paid for a small portion of my hours over the winter.  Part of that is my fault.  I had no idea how many hours  email, phone messages, blog writing, programs, fund raising and research would take during the winter.  Next year I will have a much better idea:)

Museum Wedding Dress

Part of the Wedding Dress Collection at the museum.

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  1. Although it's April on the calendar, we are still having day after day of rain. March broke records all over the Pacific Northwest for rain amounts. Yesterday the sun came out and I wondered what it was. -)

    1. DJan, I'm with you on that one, about the rain. We are in the same area, just the other side of the border. After our morning snow:(, wasn't that sun just beautiful yesterday. Actually reminded me that yes, we are now into April, and when the sun comes out, it really feels like Spring.

      Connie, I honestly don't know how that museum ever survived without you. I propose a big raise for you this year! I wish I was closer, because I'm sure you could squeeze a few volunteer hours out of me, and you would be so much fun to work with:)

  2. We are now have April weather real spring weather , sunny cool days , rainy days ya know the usual spring weather and temps . WOW ! Thats great about the hoover ! Sounds like your gona be abusy lady thats good isnt it ? I am retired and find some days realy boring ! I stayed busy for so long when I worked I find it hard to keep busy all the time ! Have a great day !

  3. Busy busy. The wedding dress collection look very interesting. Maybe you can share more about it sometime?

  4. That wedding dress collection should be a real attraction. I loved the one that you pictured. Let us hear more about this.

  5. That wedding dress is superb!

    You sound so busy.. but better that than boredom! ;-)

  6. Where would that museum be without you? You devote a lot of yourself into it. Hope you get to have some time for YOU before you're back to work (like you haven't been all winter!).

  7. Seems we're havin' July weather in April!!!

    I would love to see that weddin' dress collection in person sweetie, it looks fabulous.

    Good luck on your are one busy gal for sure!

    God bless ya and have yourself an exceptional week my friend!!! :o)

  8. Wow...You are putting in time...I can't imagine doing all fund raising... you should work for a political campaign...

  9. We do that when we have a job we really care about...we pour ourselves into it and keep going long after "working hours" are all used up. You are doing great things to strengthen the museum and its place in the community. I hope the community is ready and willing to respond. I'd like to hear more about the wedding dress collection, too. Enjoy April, including the lollygagging!

  10. If this warmer weather keeps up you shouldn't be as cold as last year, that's for sure. I can't believe it is April already, either. But mostly because it barely felt like we even had a winter. ;) I hope time crawls for you this month.

  11. I think those old photos have a way of multiplying themselves when no one is looking! Well, at least you found them :)

  12. It's amazing what you accomplish! I cleaned out one bathroom vanity this spring and I thought I was killed. You make it sound as if I should visit your museum.

  13. I especially love the wedding dresses, they are so beautiful. And such a historical record, that is still here today for everyone to see.

    Don't let them work you too hard...they will take what they can from you.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. So much for getting older and slowing down. Not you! You are a busy whirlwind of activity. The main thing is you enjoy yourself and it seems you thrive on all that hustle and bustle.

  15. Ya know? If I have to go back to work I want a FUN job! Like yours! I don't find much pleasure in numbers, General Legers and Assets anymore! And bosses expect WAY too much for this aging brain! I want your job! These dress are gorgeous! Thx for sharing!

  16. If I lived there I would give you a hand for free! I love museums especially local ones. Maybe if I get back to my hometown I will start one there. I would email you a lot! LOL! I love old stuff and my hometown is filled with history but no one seemed to be interested in it....only me and I was the only one that didn't live there.
    I think you do an awesome job and I love that wedding "vest" in satin....that's interesting. Since I'm retired now I am still trying to figure out a retirement "uniform" of sorts that will accommodate all my various activities that I engage in during the day. Vests with pockets are good or maybe smocks...remember them? I may have to investigate smocks for summer.


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