Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free at Last

I am done going into the Museum! I worked only a partial day on Tuesday!  ( I had three and a half days of comp time coming.)  Free Time here I come!  They have retained me to work on a limited basis for the next seven months.  I will be answering their emails, writing their blog, and returning phone messages.  ALL of which can be done from home..clad in my jammies at my leisure…no makeup required.   I am happy as a clam..nope maybe happier.

When I went outside this morning, Chance came running to the door to be let in and he laid down at the step…he is a creature of habit.  He was rather mystified that I spent the entire day with him..and we went for several rides…which is one of his favorite things to do.  

Tuesday night we noticed that there was a large amount of dust in the air.  We went to investigate what was causing the dust bowl conditions.

Dust Bowl Beans


The Corporate Farmers were harvesting the beans.


Dust Bowl Beans Two

What a mess…Far Guy was very irritated.  Usually the wind is whipping along the prairie..that night it was still with very little air movement, what there was came from the all that crap in the air came to our house.  They finished yesterday morning and have moved a mile down the road. Thank goodness.

I have so much free time now, I don’t quite know where to start or which project to tackle first.  I am sure I will figure it out..I must make a list!  The Museum closes for the winter on Friday..and will be closed until May.  Since the building has no heat no one can work there during the winter..well I suppose a snowman would find the working conditions to his liking:) 

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  1. Yep, I fear whatever way ya go about harvestin' anything stirs up the earth and air alike. It's a dirty job but when ya think about it....we all like to eat! Heeeehehehe!!!

    I bet that old Chance thought you stayed home just for him!

    Hopefully you'll find your free time. When I retired somehow the 'free' time I was countin' on magically disappeared. What's with that??? :o)

    God bless and ya'll have a cleain' air kinda day!

  2. Yay! for being done and for free time and for Chance having you back! It won't take you long to fill up that free time again!

  3. I think it's wonderful that you have your time back to do your own things. Glad you did it, though, I learned a lot!

  4. You will find plenty to do and also take some time for doing nothing. I know Chance will be happy to have you around to take him for rides. Dang that would have been very irritating to need a mask on to go outdoors. Lists - well I am a list maker. Gotta have my lists. I get distracted too easily.

  5. I know you will find more than enough to do. I have discovered the same lack of free time that Nezzy noted.

    I learned a lot about history because I follow your blog.

    I am also learning a lot about Minnesota. Jeanne noted that Minesota is usually green all summer. Our part of Ohio tends to turn brown for a few weeks during the hottest, driest summer months.

    And I like Chance's point of view.

  6. WHOOHOO !! for you all done . Thats great now you get to enjoy your days as you like. Love your header! Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hooray for you! You honored your commitment and now it is time to enjoy time for you and your family. I am sure you know to get all your outside activities that you enjoy on the schedule first because you all will be snowed in too fast. But think of the pots of soup simmering - - - and a book or two to read - - - - or a craft project to work on.
    I look forward to hearing from you more often. However, you kept your blog more current than I do while working!

  8. I know you look forward to being home and making time with Chance and Far Guy and your drives thru your beautiful surroundings. Enjoy every minute! You did a great job for the museum.

  9. Congrats...!!!
    My last day for this season is Oct. 21st....but....there's talk of bring me back 2 months earlynext year....yikes!!
    Enjoy your free time....

  10. Nice shots! The dust of harvest time can be irritating, but it does provide good atmosphere for photos. Enjoy your free time!

  11. I harvested beans yesterday too, pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers, not a dust cloud in sight! But then its true, I can't feed the whole nation, just a few folks in the neighborhood! During the burn ban here, the army gets to burn, the locals quickly learn why there is a burn ban, smoke that can't move away or fall to the ground with the rain. Those days I was sportin' a lovely face mask while out workin', my lungs were not happy!

    Glad you're looking down the barrel of free time!!!

  12. It is dusty at my house too this time of year - from about August - October....first, they are harvesting all the grass and then they plow up the fields - and finally, they use this Roller type thing to flatten up what they've plowed. I don't even bother dusting in my house until November.

  13. Enjoy. It will be good to get away from the place. We are very windy today and the rain that was suppose to stay on the border, was happening down here. Chance will be so pleased to have you there and get the same old routine going again.

  14. Have fun with your free time, Far Side!

    Wonder what Gus does over the winter....

  15. I say "Yay!!" too for being done with the outside job. The last year we lived in Mi. ( 2 1/2 yrs now) I still owrked. Going out in the early morning in the cold - cold weather or going out to your car after work to scrap of 6 inches of snow before driving home in a blizzard reinforced how much I hate winter in the north. I'm so glad you're not doing that. Put the tea pot on an cuddle in your jammies.

  16. Enjoy your free time. I'm sure you'll find plenty to do. I'm sure Chance is delighted to have more of your time.

  17. This is like retiring second time. There won't be any problems. There seems to be no end of volunteer stuff or hobbies that just happen to show up.

  18. The ghost must be very lonely all winter. ;)

    Enjoy!!! Chance will be so glad you're home when he realizes things have actually changed--LOL!


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