Friday, August 17, 2018

Red White Blue and a touch of yellow

I trimmed back my flowers, they were getting too tall.  They will rebound nicely if I remember to water them ever other day during the hot spells.


At the side of the little garden is a pot full of minature roses.

roses from my Mother

They are from my Mom.

They have a spider mite so I keep hosing them down with a strong spray out of the hose.

Red white and blue hint of yellow

The Impatiens are crowding out the yellow Snapgragons and the yellow Lantana that was a total waste of money….the puny little plant.  The blue Browallia (sometimes call a bush violet) is a nice plant to mix in a shade garden.  The Impatiens obliterated the Lobelia I had along the edges and totally covered up my Begonia… all notes for next years garden.  My shopping list should just be Impatiens, Browallia and something yellow that likes shade.

Chance is holding his own for the moment.  The men in my life keep me on my toes.  Far Guy gets his stitches out today…they have been driving him nuts.

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Val Ewing said...

Indeed the males do keep us going don't they?
My impatiens are doing well in 'The Morris' Garden, it is very shady and I was surprised at how well the begonia held up.
Last night's storm blew down the weaker of the tall sunflowers, but they are already past their prime so it is okay. Next year I'll plant them in different spots too!
Gardening is always a bit of an experiment to find what works. Yours is lovely!

linda m said...

Seems like the men in our lives are always getting into something that needs our attention. Your flowers look very pretty. Wish i had a garden I could plant flowers in. I tried patio pots last year but the chipmunks helped themselves to lunch on all the flowers. Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

Your yard is beautiful

Betsy said...

Such a beautiful garden. I love all the bright colors, even touches here and there.
Blessings, Betsy

L. D. said...

Your flowers have done well this year. You inspired me to plant my small roses into a pot. I did it just a few minutes ago. I am glad your guys are holding their own.

Paula said...

I love the pictures of your flowers. I hope the men in your life all get better!

DJan said...

I think your flowers are really pretty. I hope you find something yellow that you like and does well. And thanks for the update on the men in your life. They have admirers in the blogosphere. :-)

Linda Reeder said...

Those pushy impatiens! So pretty though.

Red said...

Impatiens are a pain in the butt. I Hawaii I saw inpatience
about 3 ft high!

Denny144 said...

I successfully grow black eyed Susans, tall marigolds and zinnias in an area that gets only 2 hours of sun and 2 hours of dappled shade a day despite them supposedly being full sun plants. Although if it’s too rainy, the zinnias will mildew, even the mildew resistant ones.

Granny Marigold said...

I have never had luck growing Impatience.
I've always avoided Lantana because it is supposedly invasive.
Good news that Chance is holding his own.

Sam I Am...... said...

Your garden is lovely! Hope the boys stay well so you don't get ill.