Saturday, July 21, 2018

Lunch and Smoke

We went Up North to take Savannah out for lunch for her birthday. We picked her up at the Radio Station and went out for lunch to her new favorite place.

Grandma the sun is in my eyes Age 22 and 2 days

Age 22 and 2 days.

We had a great lunch it is a “get some meat with your meat place.”  I had three sows and a cow.  A hamburger patty with a slice of ham, bacon and pulled pork…yummy!  Savannah had a Patty Melt and Far Guy had a Swiss Mushroom Burger.

As we traveled Up North the air got smoky, the smoke from the forest fires up in Ontario Canada are funneling down into Minnesota.

Smoke near Bemidji 

After lunch we ran some errands to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot.  I bought some yarn that was on sale that I could not resist, some paper because I am a paper hoarder, some embroidery floss to use on the Christmas Ornaments as the hanger,  gel pens to replace the ones I thought I bought but cannot find…I am certain I will find them now, some new glitter pens and a container to hold all Far Guy’s “stuff” on the patio table.  Home Depot was just a hike inside to find out they didn’t have what Far Guy wanted so he ordered his item online.

Smoky Hills asre smoky

When we returned home our Smoky Hills were really smoky.  We closed up the house and turned the air conditioning on…it smells like smoke outside…Far Guy will have to do his walking inside.  There is an Air Quality Alert for all of Central Minnesota and parts of Northern Minnesota…hopefully the smoke will clear out by Saturday morning.

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Cynthia said...

Boy, there is no doubt it's smoky. I was surprised to hear you have AC. I never did in Minnesota, just fans on the hot days. Oh, and, very clever name for your lunch dish! I like your tradition of taking your grandchild out for lunch.

marlu said...

I keep wondering how all these fires start. Lightning? Spontaneous combustion? Arson?
They seem to be more frequent and widespread. I hope your air clears up. We had that a few years ago from Oklahoma fires and more recently, from a fire north of our town.

Val Ewing said...

That is smokey. I recall having smoke like this from some of the fires in Canada a few years ago. And the time we got some smoke from the fires out turned the skies orange at sunset.
Smoke like this is not good for anyone's lungs!

DJan said...

I keep hearing about the smoky air from many different bloggers. You in Minnesota, others in Canada, and one in California. When I think about how many trees and habitats are destroyed, it's very sad. :-(

Shirley said...

Just doing some catch up reading on your b;log.... I agree temps in the 70's are perfect, but we rarely get that in summer here unless it's raining.
Your wildflowers are looking quite lovely, but not as lovely as Savannah! Loves the photo of her and Far Guy when she was 2.
Wildfire season is upon us here too, the valley filled with smoke for the first time this summer, yesterday. Fortunately a wind cleared it out overnight. said...

I didn't realize Canada was fighting forest fires, too. Yesterday our area got the rain that your area had.

Rita said...

Definitely sounds like a meaty lunch with Savannah--LOL!
I hope the fires are out and the smoke clears soon!

Betsy said...

Our air is in the “unhealthy” category right now. Fires all around us are raging. It seems to be happening every year now. Everything is so dry.

Red said...

Some happy times and some tough times. I think it will be along fire season because it's so dry.

Granny Marigold said...

Gel pens and Glitter pens... have you noticed that school supplies are starting to appear on the shelves? I must go browse and see what tempts me!

Bonnie said...

How nice to spend some one on one time with Savannah! She is just a little older than our granddaughter, Annika, who will be 22 next February. I am sorry to hear about all that smoke and the poor air quality. There seems to be so much of that this summer in many different places. I'm sure that is especially difficult for Far Guy.

Tired Teacher said...

This the first summer in years that I can actually see the mountains. So far only a few smoky days. I hope it blows out of your area soon.

Henny Penny said...

Sounds like a fun day with Savannah. The burger you had sounds good, and filling. Bet it was good!

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you have the AC so you don't have to breathe that smoke in. I heard about their fires. Happy Birthday to Savannah!