Sunday, July 22, 2018

Almost Ready

It was a really good year for Chokecherries.  Just the right amount of rain I guess.

I am watching the berries closely.


They will be ready when the berries are black looking and not hard.  It will be a race between me and the birds to see who gets the most berries.

I hope they are ready when my baby brother is here on vacation as he is real tall and can help pick.  He also likes the Chokecherry Jelly I make.

Jars, Pectin and Sugar are going on my grocery list just in case.

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  1. AHHH! I need someone who knows Chokecherries well. There is one tree here with them, but yesterday I found a TON of them! Well, I am pretty sure. I took a berry and tasted it and it indeed was that taste no one can forget.
    I'd love to pick a pail full and make jelly, although I'd have to ask the folks who run the reserve first I suppose!

  2. I haven't checked my chokecherries yet.

  3. That is a great picture. Here's to the best chokecherry jelly ever! :-)

  4. My mom used to curse the chokecherries because of what the birds did to her clean clothes on the clothesline after imbibing. I hope you get yours before the birds do!

  5. I hope you beat the birds! ;)

  6. Oooh, chokecherry jelly is yummy!

  7. It's always a good idea to have jars, sugar and pectin on hand "just in case".

  8. I have never heard of Chokecherries

  9. Great! we have been getting cherry's at the store,good and sweet.
    Wish the Bennie would make jelly with them but need a cherry seeder.

  10. Oh yummy! I’m tall and would help for just one jar of jelly if I lived close enough. :-).

  11. That sounds delicious! I've never had chokecherry jelly.


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