Thursday, July 16, 2015

Follow the flowers

Doncha wanna just say “Follow the Yellow Brick Road?”  I do.  On a side note those Ruby Slippers that were stolen up in Grand Rapids Minnesota a number of years ago have a $1 Million Dollar reward for their safe return along with the names of the thieves.

Follow the yellow flowers Birds Foot Trefoil Lotus corniculatus

You can follow the yellow Bird’s Foot Trefoil or Lotus corniculatus (non native) most of the way to Tamarac Refuge Headquarters.   We also saw a Muskrat, a Badger and one lone baby Duck waddling across the road. 

There is a good supply of Common Milkweed or Asclepias syriaca (native).  I only saw two Monarch butterflies along the way.  Not many for the amount of Milkweed.  The Monarchs lay their larvae ( looks like little black turds) on the milkweed and they hatch in a few days, the caterpillar eats milkweed  and grows for about 2 weeks, eventually forming a chrysalis and then hatches into a brand new Monarch.  The sole purpose of any Monarch Butterfly is to mate and reproduce. ( Reminds me of some…never mind.)

Common Milkweed  Asclepias syriaca

Common Milkweed

My husband special ordered a Ambulance to paint for his train set…so we went the back way to Detroit Lakes.  On the return trip we went through Frazee and stopped by my Maternal Grandparents resting place and picked up the silk flowers that we left there before Memorial Day.


Not many flowers for all the grandkids they have.  I visited them many times over my lifetime. I had many good visits.  Someone is caring for a pot of geraniums there…I wonder who?   After I took my two bouquets there wasn’t much left.  Since I am the oldest…I am probably the only one retired…everyone else is too busy working.

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  1. a million worth it:) Lovely stroll you took. That is nice that you put flowers there. Hug B

  2. Sure hope the Ruby Slippers are found. Nice pictures from your walk. Putting flowers on a grave seems to be a thing of the past unless it is your parents grave. Even then I think most people are too busy to even think of doing that. My hubby and I still do all the grandparents as well as the parents.

  3. It's so nice that somebody is taking care of those pretty geraniums. You are very conscientious, and that makes a good blogger, too. I like the Yellow Brick, er flower, Road. :-)

  4. I wish I was out there on that yellow brick road!!

    I don't think anyone but me ever visits the Grandparent's graves.

  5. All of my relatives were cremated. I remember Grandma telling me she didn't want anyone to feel they had to tend a grave.

  6. Love the little angel sitting on the headstone! Tending graves is just not on everyone's radar anymore or for me - too far away to do it. Your monarch comment made me chuckle!

  7. I am the only one who visits my parents and grandparents graves. Others have lost the desire, I suppose.


  8. Iowa State U. is growing milkweed and monarchs, trying to get the migration to return through Iowa. I see milkweed along the road and I wonder if I can pull some of it and plant it at home. They will mow it down along the road soon. I don't have many butterflies this year for being a good spring and rain is plenty.

  9. Beautiful yellow carpet of flowers along the road! It's good you are caring for your grandparent's graves.

  10. The little angel sitting on the grave on the far right is sweet. I've never been able to take flowers to my grandparents and great grandparents' graves because I've always lived to far away. I wish I was able to.

  11. You saw a lot on your tour. Forget the yellow brick road. I hope the monarchs have some success.

  12. There was an article in the Sunday paper just few days ago about the reward for the ruby slippers. I clipped the article to keep for a while. I hope they get returned. I took my granddaughter to the Judy Garland festival in Grand rapids and that's when I found out they had been stolen. It's nice of you to stop at your grandparents graves.


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