Sunday, February 8, 2015

West Baden Springs: The Lobby and Atrium

Too bad I didn’t learn how to play chess.  Apparently is was “the game” back in the day.

Lobby Play some chess

The lobby had several chess boards ready to go. 

Windows in the lobby

The lobby was decorated with many stained glass windows…perhaps left over from the seminary days.


This photo gives you some idea of the grand style in the lobby.  There were many seating areas and several library type rooms.

The atrium (2)

This is the atrium.  An architectural beauty.

The ceiling of the atrium

The sky lights left in some warm light on a chilly day.

The atrium

The center decoration must be made of tile.

The tile floors in the atrium

All around the perimeter were ornate tile floors.

Furniture in the atrium

There were seating areas all over.  There was even a Grand Piano. And more chess sets.

One of the balconies

There were balconies that opened into the atrium.

It was a fun place to visit.  Next time I am staying for lunch and a stroll on the grounds.

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  1. Very nice photos of this beautiful place. We live less than an hour away and stayed there in December for a Farm Bureau convention. I wish you could have seen the Christmas decorations there and in the town! A chef I talked to was estimating the cost of the decorations at a quarter of a million. There was a decorated tree in the atrium that was so huge I cannot describe it and others outside the hotels that were very huge. A huge gingerbread house display was great too. The convention food was a good as I would expect in such a great place too.
    You would not believe what it looked like before the reconstruction. We were there one time and my husband crawled inside and there were ground hog mounds inside that had destroyed a lot of the Italian marble tiny floor tiles that is why some of it is carpeted. Mr Cook did a wonderful thing in using his money for the restoration.

  2. Linda, your comment is very interesting because you would never know it's state of dereliction from Far
    Side's pictures. The atrium is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to sit in one of those red chairs under the beautiful roof and soak it all up!

  3. I play chess, but so poorly I might as well not play. Great looking building.

  4. Wow..I would have to just sit down and take all that in..steadily snapping up course!! What a beautiful place.

  5. I can almost imagine ladies sipping tea in that lobby and gentlemen having a cigar while reading the paper. I, of course, would be knitting.

  6. I love all the architectural details -- just beautiful

  7. That atrium looks bigger than Grand Central Station. It's huge! I bet it's cold too in the winter. How do heat a room that big? I do love to look at buildings like that though but I wouldn't want to live there. LOL!

  8. What a beautiful space! I hope you get to have your lunch there sometime

  9. Hi Connie, so lovely. The stained glass windows are amazing, so beautiful.Blessings Francine.

  10. Wow, what an inviting and beautiful place! I can see why you want to stay for lunch the next time.

  11. Wow - what a beautiful place!

  12. A fine looking place, all right. And now we get to eat there, right? :-)

  13. Such a beautiful spot! I wonder what it was like "back in its day"?

  14. I never learned to play chess. Checkers, yes--but no chess. That atrium is just gorgeous! What a beautiful building. I can see why you'd like to go back. :)

  15. What a wonderful place to visit.

  16. OMG what a beautiful place. Am so glad you snapped pictures for us to see!


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