Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wistful Wednesday : Cousins and Veterans

Since my Dad comes from such a large family(he was number 10 of 14)  I have lots of cousins. 

When I look through the old photos every week for one to feature you never can tell which one will strike my fancy. 

This week two of my cousins had birthdays and I just happened upon an old photo of them.

Jalmer Jenny and kids

The littlest guy in front was 67 and his older sister was 75, they share the same birthday.

My Uncle Jalmer and Aunt Jenny had four children.  The baseball hat cousin on the left is Chuckie ( we wood carve with him every week), Gerald (last week he was married for 50 years), Arthur the littlest one in the front and Evelyn the oldest. This photo was most likely taken in the spring of 1948 maybe 1949.

Another reason for featuring this photo is that Veteran’s Day is approaching.  All three of these boys were in the Armed Forces.

Cousin Chuck






Art stayed in the Armed Forces a lot longer than his brothers.

They all came back home, married and had families and are enjoying being grandparents.

So I have cousins that are veterans, it is who they are…honorable men that defended our country.  Thanks guys!  They are some of my bestest cousins:)


  1. Morning, I enjoy Wednesday for your wonderful old picture posts and stories, great men, Francine.

  2. I love your Wednesday photos and family stories. Having a large family can be a real blessing.

  3. Thank you to your veteran cousins for their service!

  4. love the old photo of your cousins. Thanks to the boys for serving in the Air Force.

  5. All I have left now are cousins...lots and lots of cousins!

  6. I love your pictures and stories. Thanks to your cousins, and to all who defend our country. I love our military. Oh, I'm a little behind...the carved Lady Slipper is lovely!

  7. This is a neat way to remind us of the veterans and all the service they have given us. Too many times the stories of the individuals are forgotten. You are telling that story.

  8. What a wonderful post! I love a man in uniform. The hubby was in the Air Force.

  9. Heartfelt thanks to your cousins and veterans everywhere.
    I love the boys' little bib overalls. I bought my new grandson a pair because I think every little boy needs a pair of bibs!

  10. What a big family!! Fourteen!! I can't imagine.
    Love to see the old pictures, though. :)

  11. I love the history of real people living real lives and being so humble about their accomplishments. Tell them thank you from me!


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