Friday, July 14, 2017

Fair Date

My pupils have finally returned to normal after my eye appointment! So we could have our yearly fair date. We go into town to the Shell Prairie Fair, see the midway and walk around in the barns and exhibit buildings.  We always look forward to the outing.  Especially the local Pork Producers Eat Stand that has the best pork burgers!  We found some french fries in one stand but should have walked further and saved $4. No cheese curds this year they were only available on the midway….and there was a line of people there so we bypassed those calories.


Rock It

I bet this ride is real pretty at night.

Rock it on top

It is one of those screaming pee your pants kinda rides.

Our weather was cool yesterday with a high of about 60F or 15C eh!

Big wheel

This particular carnival splits their show in half to play two smaller county fairs at the same time. There was about 5 kid rides, a Scrambler, a train, a super slide and three other major thrill rides.  They are a southern show from Louisiana who just plays fairs in Minnesota all summer long.

It is a nice show, everything is clean and well kept.  There are benches for us old people to sit on and watch people.  While we were sitting, we noticed that the ride boys were picking up garbage off the ground and putting it in garbage cans…some people just throw their wrappers and bottles anyplace.  There were garbage cans in plain site about every fifty feet…really people just put your garbage in the can!

Pretty quilt

A quilt that caught my eye


A well designed pot of succulents

Alpca or a Llama

Not sure if this is an Alpaca or a Llama…he didn’t like me very much.

old chicken barn

Far Guy likes the chicken barn the best.  Me… I spend the most time with the goats.

The end of the fair

The end

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  1. Uff da! You are making me miss Minnesota soooo much! Temps in the 60s, county fairs -- some of my favorite things. Glad you had fun.

  2. What a lovely county fair. Those are the best. You must have sent your cooler temps our way as this morning it is only 63 degrees. So happy you had fun. Have a great weekend.

  3. We had a cool day yesterday, too. I like it much better than the heat. And thanks for taking me along on the visit to the fair! :-)

  4. Glad you got out to enjoy the fair - we went the first night and will be back again. That hairy fella was a llama and the little ones next door were the alpacas. That is a good picture of the ol' llama since they mostly look crabby :) It looks like you got a picture of Dr Bill with his horse. I love the fairs!

  5. That quilt is perfect! Our fair is coming up...we will head up there, but it's dull compared to yours!

  6. If he didn't like you he's probably a llama, they're very camel like. Hiss, spit and bite. Alpacas are a bit more laid back.

  7. I always had to get a corn dog, but cheese curds are yummy, too. I never liked those screaming pee your pants kinda rides--LOL! Glad you had a good time. :)

  8. Fairs have lots of interesting things but I don't go anymore. The last one i attended was the Calgary stampede!

  9. People watching is fun to do at the fair.

    Looks like a llama to me - alpacas are much cuter. 😉

  10. That would be early on the fair calendar around here.

  11. People watching is almost as much fun as looking at the exhibits. I no longer like the rides but way back when I sure did. Things change.
    Glad your eyes are back to normal.

  12. No fairs here until August. Small country fairs are fun, especially if you run into people you know because it is where you live.

  13. We will be going to a fair at the end of August. One we have never been to before, so that will be interesting. Ugh, don't get me started on people and their garbage. I have called people out a few times for not using a garbage can. Often at the market we get asked if we have a garbage. No we don't, there is one across the way. Sometimes someone will put their garbage in an empty vegetable bin. Maddening

  14. From people! I wish I had 60 degree was 103 the other day and humid! Ahhh....I can't stand it and my grass needs mowing but it is so wet my feet get soaked just walking in it. Next week hopefully it will dry out and I can mow. I need to order one of the cooling things you put around your neck.
    Love the fair and I think that was a llama and I think they spit so be careful! LOL! I love the food and the horses at fairs. Fun times!

  15. I LOVE going to the fair. I've already started thinking about going to our state fair in October with Shelby. Planning all that I want to eat. :) I can't believe it was 60 degrees there yesterday!! That would feel wonderful!!

  16. I miss going to the fair. Maybe this year we can go to the State Fair as we are 15 minutes away now. The travel part before was always figured in to the long day. May going more times with shorter visits would work for us. I like seeing your yearly visits to the fair.


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