Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Midway Memories: The Decision

Early in 1977 we had the opportunity to purchase the two digger joints and the motor home from Far Guy’s parents.  We thought about it long and hard.  It was not an easy decision.  Trica was five years old and Jennifer was not yet two years old.   Far Guy had a good job with good insurance.  What would we do during the winter months?  We had a family to support…could we do it?  Could we successfully raise our two daughters out on the road?

It finally came down to a vote.  We let Trica vote, you can guess what her vote was she loved riding the rides all day long when she visited her grandparents.
Trica and diggers Trica playing the diggers.  We would hold her up so she could turn the crank until she got tired and we did too then we would put her on the babysitter (Merry Go Round).

So the vote was 2 to 1.  Far Guy voted against.  I said “Your vote counts triple.”  So we declined. 
It was one of those great big huge crossroads that comes along in your life…we often wonder what if? 
So we go back from time to time just to walk a Midway and take in the sights and sounds, after all it was my home for 6 years and Far Guys home away from home for 23 years.

Our oldest daughter Trica spent her first summer being a carnie kid.  During that summer there were some problems in Iowa…her photo was featured in a newspaper.  (Mason City Iowa) The Attorney General for the State of Iowa didn’t like the way the law on gambling was written, games of chance were gambling. Entering a cow in the fair and getting a blue ribbon was against Iowa law.   The Sheriff came out to the Midway and as he set foot on the Midway…the boss gave the signal and we were all shut down within 20 seconds. Jodi was working at the Ball Joint the Sheriff asked to see her ball and she replied “Let’s see yours first.” The Sheriff left and we suppose he just reported that no games were running out on the Midway…because they were not operating when he was there.
Trica  at Merriams at Fergus Falls 1991
1991 Fergus Falls Minnesota Trica and “her” babysitter.
We have many long time friends that are now dead, the rest are getting old just like us.
Bruce Gene and Dale
Bruce, Far Guy and Dale
Far Guy, Margaret and Freddie
We are left with many wonderful memories.

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  1. You do wonder "what if" you had taken the other road. And I think you chose the right one, considering how it's all turned out. Thank you for your memories so well written down and with pictures even. :-)

  2. Yes, the road not taken .... What memories you have of an unusual life. It would be interesting to her Tricia's one day.

  3. Makes life interesting those decisions "Do we" or "Do we not" -- makes a good family! I sure enjoy reading these posts about the ol' days.

  4. Somehow, I think future projects you took on were just as daring. It seems to run in your blood. I have so enjoyed these accounts of your experiences in Midway life. Such a Unique slice of American history!

  5. Life is fun with all of its twists and turns and opportunities. I look at events in our lives and often wonder, "what if"?!

  6. I'm sure you and Far Guy would have been happy and successful with either decision.

  7. I think it was still the right choice. All your choices have led you to where you are today with your wonderful family. We all make so many choices that weave our lives along. Hey--you guys did good! :) :)

  8. Lot's of 'what if's' in life. You have certainly led an interesting one!

  9. what a history and all the decisions that go with it.

  10. I think letting Far Guy have triple votes was the right thing to do. I am glad I don't have to even think about my 'what ifs' anymore. Happy Thursday!!


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