Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nice Day

It was a nice day yesterday.  It started out a cool 19 F or –7C eh!  The sun came out and it warmed up to 45F or 7C eh!! I am wearing socks with my crocs!

Flag and pUmpkin welcome

I got the flag changed and the pumpkin welcome is up!  Most of what I did yesterday does not show.  We carted away two lawn chairs to my garage and took up and put away all the lawn ornaments that would get buried in the snow. 

We worked at cleaning up and organizing Far Guy’s garage.  Let me tell you that didn’t go well…he is real possessive about his “stuff”…and apparently I wanted to throw everything away that hasn’t been used in ten years or longer.  We did a fair amount of sparring back and forth…I was certain the old worn out saw blade I found was something he had been searching for.  Alrighty then.  We are almost half done…having worked out there several afternoons last week.  I have been saving peanut butter jars for some time…they have been put to good use in that garage.

I am waiting for a few more leaves to fall.

West yard


As you can see our trees are almost bare.

The wild gardens have been mowed and there is a bounty out on those Pocket Gophers that showed up.  I called the local trappers ( Josh, Mason and Anna) and traps have been set.

Wild Gardens have been mowed

We have never had a gopher problem before. I think Chance should herd them…but he isn’t interested.

Our after supper drives have come to an end because it gets dark at 6:41 PM.  We now have to go for before supper drives…and that is usually quiet nap time.

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  1. These last sunny days have been much appreciated! I like your bright flag -- reminds me of the scarecrow in Oz.

  2. It won't be long before we lose another hour at the end of the day, too. Boy it sure does come on fast, once we get past the equinox. It sounds downright cold there. :-)

  3. Ah, the garage! I gnash my teeth every time I have to find something in there. We have a two-car garage that has only ever seen one car because it is so full of treasures that will be useful someday. The husband has on more than one occasion bought a second tool or part because he couldn't find the original one "stored" in the garage. But now I look at it as my opportunity to grow as a person, to let be.

  4. We have shelves along the top of the garage on which are boxes and boxes of old drawings and plans from when hubby was working in engineering. He can't get rid of them until he "has a chance to go through them", and that chance doesn't seem to happen. Oh well, the kids can someday just throw them all out! Have a great day!

  5. Morning, wonderful weather here too, in the teens today. Love your sweet flag, enjoy the rides of the country side.Blessings Francine.

  6. I have gophers showing up in different locations of the yard. I don't know where they are all summer. We are not shutting down things yet down here but the near frost condition are helping me know when to mow things down.
    Once we get a hard freeze I can certainly get things cleaned up. It is a nice banner.

  7. It is nice to hear all the progress.

    Here it seems "the harder I go, the further behind I get"

    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Cleaning the garage is my least favorite activity. I don't know why I don't just throw things away rather than stuff them in the garage.

  9. Okay, I don't like the micro manager organizing my garage either . Eh? I can never find anything after she's put things in such a good place. I always threaten to put stuff in different places in her cupboard.
    You're going to get some really nice weather in a day or so.

  10. Love your fall flag and your "welcome" pumpkin. You 2 have been working hard! The lawn looks "leafless" but not lifeless. I had gophers or something one year on the farm that tore up the lawn terribly and I about broke my leg tripping over those mounds. Be careful!

  11. It starting to look a lot like late fall up there! I've put away my yard stuff also. Still have many things to do, but am stuck down at the other house. Maybe next week I can get to my yard and my house and the kitchen floor...oh, yes and I need wash the car.


  12. Gophers can just tear up your land. Sorry to hear they have moved in and Chance doesn't care. (Probably because he can't see them or catch them, so you can't blame him.) Your yard is looking good otherwise. :)


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