Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flu Shot and 32 Deer

I finally got my flu shot yesterday.  Far Guy got his shot on Saturday…they ran out of serum so I waited until yesterday.  My arm is sore, Far Guy seems fine…he says his arm itches.

One more thing to cross off my list!

We went for a ride right after supper.

First of 32 Deer Oct 20

This was the first of thirty-two deer we saw in a one square mile area. Deer season starts November 8 in our area.

The two deer across from our driveway ignored Chance..apparently they are “our” deer and have heard him bark before because they kept right on grazing…buggers.

Deer October 20

It was getting too dark for great photos.  Thirty-two is the most we have counted in years.  I recall one time a number of years ago when forty deer were counted in one field.  The most we have seen in one field this year was eight.

I hope the deer hunters have a great hunt.

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of deer this past week or so, too. It must have been a good year for them. I love the first photo with the birch background. Perfect representation of northern Minnesota,

  2. Great shots of the deer. Good luck to all your hunters!

  3. Some day I think you'll shoot one who eats your flowers! Or tramples your garden. We had one in our garden and I sure had the urge myself. :-)

  4. I'm still debating the flu shot, I've never had one, don't really want to have one and yet, I think about it, a lot.

  5. It must be quite a sight to see 40 deer in one Field. I don't always get the flu shot. The hubby refuses to get one. He says it makes him get the flu.

  6. Friend had an old apple tree and deer would come and eat the windfalls. Their small mixed-breed dog decided to chase the deer off, but instead of running the deer turned and charged the dog. So much for "defender of the territory." One more story. One late afternoon we watched our 7-pound cat slink down the driveway "stalking" two deer that were grazing on our grass. For some reason, they weren't the least-bit concerned about her

  7. Then the deer ticks can go home with the hunters.....tee hee!


  8. I had my flu shot yesterday. No ill effects. We have deer in the city but they are not a nuisance. They seem to understand the traffic and are rarely in an accident.

  9. I take it hat chronic wasting disease hasn't infected the deer in your area. It sure has around here - sad to see.

  10. Great minds think alike. We both got our flu shot on the same day. I'm left-handed and had it in my left arm but it never bothered me a bit. She gave a great shot! I go next Monday for the pneumonia. Nitty doesn't bark at the deer but Annie does. Nitty goes out every night though and barks around the house. I think it's a warning that she better not smell any critters in her yard the next morning. LOL! Chance is doing a good job if they're not in your yard. I miss the deer sausage we used to receive after hunting season. Delish!

  11. We had a herd of about fifty roaming the neighborhood last winter devouring all the white cedar in sight. Which is to one neighbor was feeding buckets of corn every day and all the other neighbors except me were getting ticked. (I don't have any white cedar.) Now I ticked cause they ate most of my hostas in the last two weeks..... Grrr.......

  12. My hubby and I were just saying at dinner that more deer hunting may take place this year because the price of beef is expected to rise. We sure see a lot of them in our area.


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