Thursday, July 19, 2012

Far Side Whatnot

I finally finished that darn book.  The Third installment of the Hunger Games..The Mockingjay.  I liked the first two but the last one just dragged and dragged. I had to force myself to read it.  For me that is not fun reading.

Right now I am reading at lunch all about the U.S. – Dakota Conflict of 1862.  What a scary time to live in Minnesota.  One of my volunteers at the Museum shared that his Grandmother lived in the Morton Minnesota area and she left an oral history.  I am interested in reading it.

I have been approached by a Television Producer to arrange some interviews at the museum for a Public Television Show called Postcards.  I am not familiar with it.  However it sounds like good PR for the museum.

Work is going fine..busy, hot and a little dusty.  We had a work day yesterday.  We did not accomplish everything on my list..but we made some headway.  Those rooms in the basement must be back together really soon..before July 29.  How many days away is that..10 days..panic??  Not yet .. maybe in a few days.

Far Guy has had real good luck with the injection to take away the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain he has had for the last four years!  No pain…yet…fourteen days and counting! HOWEVER he is still suffering with the two dry sockets from when he had two troublesome teeth pulled sixteen days ago. He wonders if he will ever be “normal” or “pain free” ever again. I keep telling him to be patient. He is tired of being patient.

Miney Little Elvis Chance and Gene

Chance is doing something strange since Miney and Little Elvis were here.  Whilst they visited..he may have missed a meal.  Far Guy would make three dishes of food and put them down..his finicky ways may have resulted in Miney eating his supper one night.  Ever since they were here he eats his food all gone like no ones business. There is no taking a bit and wandering off to play ball..and no sitting with him until he finishes encouraging him “Good Boy..Good Boy.”  I wonder if we should be worried as he has been finicky for most of his eight years..and all of a sudden he isn’t? 

Shell Lake Great Blue Heron

Shell Lake and a Great Blue Heron July 2012

I am tired.  Working in the heat and sweating all day long must be exhausting because I have a nap after work most days.  Maybe I am getting am old:)

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Connie. Hope that all the museum projects get done on time and that you get some heat relief. Good news on Far Guy's treatments too. And naps are always good things, just ask Grenville as outdoor napping in the hammock, weather permitting, is one of his favorites.

  2. Far Guy definitely has had his share of pain. It sure would be nice to hear he's feeling better. If it's not one thing it's another. There is nothing so tiring as constant pain. I am thinking of him and sending him hopes for a pain free future. You are becoming quite famous, BTW, with TV crews coming to interview you! :-)

    1. I am behind the scenes only..I will let someone else do the talking:)

  3. Tell Far Guy, I am happy his injections are working and sorry that his dry sockets are still bother him. I know how he feels as I too am always in pain. Let us know when you will be on TV so we all can watch.

  4. That is great that the injections are working but maybe he needs to see a new dentist about the mouth pain. In this modern day of dentistry there must be something they can do for him.
    I think Chance got had a good dose of competition in the food category and finally realized how good he has it! LOL!

  5. How wonderful about the public TV people wanting to have a program called "Postcards". That is such an intriguing title and I hope to be able to see it on TV one of these days. Congratulations to you for coming up with such interesting ideas, You are making history come alive.

  6. Glad to hear that this injection is going better for Gene - it is a blessing! Chance - those dogs are just like kids - we will never know.... Summer - it will be over before we know it - have a great day!

  7. I am happy that things are partly better for the Far Guy.
    Congrats on the public TV people and their interest. I too hope to see it locally one day.

  8. I've read the Hunger Games and am on the wait list for the other two. I hate being patient too so I understand where the Far Guy is coming from and I'm not in pain. I love the golden glow in the Shell Lake pic......very frame worthy.

  9. Watched and enjoyed Postcards on our old cable network; new one does not offer it. :(
    Competition is usually a good thing, and I agree that Chance has had that experience. I also agree that Far Guy needs a new dentist. And, you are not old - in this heat you are simply human!

  10. While I enjoyed the third Hunger Games book, I did feel that two books would have been plenty. Same with the Twilight Series, it just dragged on too long, I don't think I ever finished the fourth book.
    Glad to hear the good news on Far Guy's TN, just hope those dry sockets sort themselves out.
    Yes, probably some good old competition in the food department caused the change in Chance's eating habits. I've never had a picky dog, so I can't imagine it. If he falls back into his slow ways, just put his food down for 15 minutes, then pick it up and don't give him any more until the next feeding time. He won't starve himself, and will quickly learn to eat it when he's given it. I remember a while back that he needed to lose some weight anyway, how did that go:)?

  11. That last photograph is just beautiful!

    So glad to hear Far Guys shots seem to be working. Maybe THAT's the doc he should be seeing about that dry socket pain ;)

    How exciting to hear about all the PR your museum is getting! Keep us posted...even if you do stay behind the scenes...

  12. I hope Far guy gets to be pain free very soon too. I read all 3 Hunger game books too. I liked the third one. It's been awhile since I read them, so I can't remember if I thought it was slow.

    Your "Postcards" production sounds like they could get some interesting stories and help boost attendance. You must be melting during the day. Heat does wear us out.

  13. Working in the heat gets to us the older we get or so it seems for me too. Hope Far Guy gets some relief soon. It's terrible to be hurting so much for long periods especially. Good for you for reading the book. Is Chance worried there might not be enough food for the company. Dogs can be so funny... Too bad we can't get in their heads and see what they are thinking about us.

  14. Oh, I do hope Far Guy finds some relief soon.

    I read "Hunger Games" and enjoyed it, but have no desire to read the other two or to see the movie.

  15. Tell FarGuy I totally agree with him. It is really hard being patient sometimes. ;)

    I haven't read the books or seen the movie. Eventually...I've not been good about reading for some time. I go in streaks.

    I had to google PBS Postcards and--yes!!! You should do that! It looks like a fascinating program and I will have to keep my eyes open for it. I do love PBS. How neat that they asked to include the museum and what fantastic publicity! Awesome!! :):)

  16. Many non working people have a snooze after supper. It's very good for you. Don't make apologies for having a nap. Naps don't mean that you're old.

  17. How exciting for the museum and your community. Postcards sounds like an interesting program. I'll have to do some research to see if we can get it on Dish. Naps are good, sometimes I take my first nap at 8am, cuz, I get up too darn early.

  18. The Postcards programme sounds like a fascinating project - keep us informed of how it develops. Keep taking those rests but keep on working as well as I always find reading about your various work projects quite fascinating.

  19. Tell Far Guy that I am thrilled the injections are working this time. That is wonderful news.

    I hear you on the hot and dry's hard to work in the heat.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  20. I am so happy for Far get one HUGE pain under control is a huge beginning!

    I watch POSTCARDS so now I will watch for YOU!



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