Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day at the Lake

We spent Saturday at the lake with Andy, Jen, the grand boys Noah and Adam and Noah’s friend Conner.

We left early to hit a garage sale that had some trains..they had nothing that Far Guy wanted. I found a couple of treasures…a rabbit skin for the museum and a depression glass butter tray for me! Kitchi Lake going into Cass Lake

This is Kitchi Lake where it narrows and goes into Cass Lake..I think this place is called Pikes’ Hole.  Must be a good place to fish for pike:)

We went into Cass Lake and headed for Cedar Island where there is a sandbar. It was cloudy and really nice..about 75 degrees.  Almost chilly on the water.

Sand Bar at Cedar Island on Cass Lake

Adam making a sand castle on the sand bar.

Adam at Cedar Island Sandbar

Grandma interrupting the very serious construction for a smile!

Miney Little Elvis and Chance June 30 2012

Miney, Little Elvis and Chance.

Happy tired wet dogs after a couple of swims.  Chance can report on his swimming lesson himself.

We had lunch on the Island..sandwiches and fruit..the sun came out and it got real warm!  The Deer Flies started to bite so we headed back..searching for long leaches in the water. ( Typical boy pastime.)

We dognapped the two dogs for a few days..Chance always enjoys the company and Jen and Andy are having lots of company this week.

It was a nice day on the lake.  With the coming of July one third of our summer is over:)

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  1. A day at the lake sounds like so much fun. If this heat wave continues all summer I will be glad to see fall arrive.

  2. You are right, I didn't think about it that way, but one third of summer is now over! Only July and August to get through, and then September brings us shorter days and cooler weather. For us, rain. :-)

  3. What a great day that sounds like...especially the temp! I'm always on the look out for butter dishes. I still eat butter and leave it out in a dish...a covered dish. Always ready to spread and I've never had it go bad on me. Of course, if I didn't have AC now with 105 temps it would be melted for sure!
    I live across from a lake but I like your temps better and our is covered with houses end to end. Yours looks serene and quiet and that's my kind of lake!
    The dogs look like they enjoyed themselves too!

  4. Love the photos--smiling boy and smiling dogs!
    Good thing you went when you did. They're talking 106 degrees Monday! Whew! You'll be glad it's cooler in the museum! ;)

  5. Sounds and looks like a great day. Thanks for sharing it with us. :o)

  6. How cool, two lakes right together. Looks like even with the cool the grands had a great time!

  7. You have some very beautiful lakes.

  8. It's hard to believe that the summer is that far's going fast, we have to hang onto every drop of it.

    You must enjoy the lakes, it's so wonderful to be near the water.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. No! You are not allowed to remind me that summer will end!
    i'm covering my eyes. I am in denial!!

  10. We are still waiting for summer to start, but it looks like that will happen later in the week, finally. Or we'll get a taste of it at least.
    The lake looks lovely although it hasn't been warm enough here to even think about swimming.

    I have taken next Saturday off, so am looking forward to hitting some garage sales:)

  11. Sounds like a delightful time together. You'll have to show us your butter platter. I know Chance will enjoy his visitors this week.


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