Monday, July 9, 2012

Chance: At the lake

Today Far Side is interviewing me.

Far Side:  Ahem..Chance do you like going to the lake?

Chance: Yes, I even like the pontoon.  That little yellow kayak not so much.

Far Side: What is your favorite water game?

Chance: I like to have you throw water high in the air with your plastic shoe.  I jump and catch the water in my mouth.  Remember the time over at Shell lake when I accidently snagged your finger with my teeth?  You bled all over and cried.  Your finger looked terrible..but that old finger healed up almost as good as new. We have made some great memories at the lake.

Far Side:  How are your swimming lessons going?

Chance: Just fine I can swim IF I want to.

Far Side: Do you want to swim?

Chance one water

Chance: Not really.  I like most of my feet on the ground. I like to herd the water.

Far Side: Have you been in the kayak lately?

Chance : Yes

Far Side:  Were you afraid?

Chance water two

Chance: If my ears are down I am wary of the situation. Define afraid.

Far Side: Where was your life jacket?

Chance: It was at home.  We only went back and forth by the dock.  I was in no real danger of drowning. I am certain that you would have jumped in camera and all just to save me.

he likes it better on the dock

Far Side:  Far Guy really likes to kayak, will you be a regular passenger?

Chance: I like to keep an eye on both of you when we are at the lake.  I can sit next to you so you won’t get lonely and then we can both keep one eye on Far Guy in the kayak. 

Far Side:  Okay!  Chance you are such a good boy! :)


  1. Greetings Chance...Nice interview...

  2. That's cute...I can't believe you both fit in that kayak... what a good boy..I mean Chance.. you too Far Guy!

  3. Great interview, Chance! I love your answers.

  4. Chance, you never fail to delight me. I love that you allowed Far Side to interview you and I could learn more about you. Tell her she took some nice pictures! :-)

  5. I appreciate your truthfullness, Chance. Great interview!

  6. Chance, you are a brave dog! I'm glad that you can keep Far Side company and keep an eye on Far Guy!

  7. When it comes to water, Chance is my kind of guy!!! Rufus never cared for water much, and couldn't swim, but he did like the pontoon.

  8. Loved your interview Chamce!

  9. LOL - you herd water? So funny!

  10. Awwww, such a cutie!

  11. I bet Chance can't wait to get to the water with ya'll. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  12. BOY! BOY! WOW! I could really enjoy going with you! I like to herd bubbles!! I love I can herd bubbles!



  13. What a cute post and wonderful photos ! Miggy likes to snap at the water as she is running along in it ! Have a good day and kisses from Miggy to Chance !

  14. Chance.....I love it when Far Side lets you tell us what you are thinking. You are a wise and honest dog. Love you.

  15. Chance....I just hope you remembered to give yourself a shake and share the cool with your interviewer;))

  16. Very good answers - - -- didn't offend anyone and tried to please everyone. Chance, you are very gracious to the paparazzi. I think that's why you are always shown in a complimentary light.

  17. Accidents happen. I'm glad FarSide forgave you the tooth cutting finger incident and would still be willing to jump in the lake to save you. I think sitting next to FarSide and watching FarGuy out in that yellow contraption is the safest bet. ;)

  18. Hey Chance you are so lucky to live near so many lakes. I am sure if you had to you could swim for a long time. That old natural dog paddle is a given. I know Barney isn't a big fan of getting wet either. Button loves to run around on the beaches next to the lake but won't go into the water to get his toy. Take care Chance.

  19. Hi Chance....Nitty and Annie here. That was great interview you had with Far Side! It's nice to get to know other dogs in other areas. Has it been hot there? It's been REALLY hot here...even our lake water is in the 70's or more and it's evaporating since we are in a drought. Thank goodness though the other critters around here have the lake to get a drink from or they'd be toast!
    Our Mom would like a kayak so she could get closer to shore and see wildlife and such. I just hope she doesn't want us to go with her if she gets one. I don't think I have to worry as I'm pretty big but Annie might be fair game! LOL! I'm like you, I just like to get my feet wet and cool off....I'm not going out for the Olympics! LOL!
    Do they have those for dogs? Take care and keep an eye on Far Guy....does his kayak tip over? Mom wants one that doesn't tip over. TTYL!


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