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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chance: Herding Practice

Hiya!  It is me Chance!  It is my turn to blog!

Some Border Collies have it made!  They get to herd sheep, goats or cows.
Far Side was thinking about getting me some Guinea Hens or some Ducks.  Rumor has it that I might herd them, and they might eat ticks!  Far Side doesn’t want to do chores all winter.  We could give away the Ducks.  Guinea Hens would  have to be butchered.  Guineas  imprint on the place they are raised and will not transfer to another place..they will try to return to their home.  We don’t even know what Guinea Hens taste like, but Far Side could probably make some soup.

Then a Fox was discovered in our area..real close by..they already got most of my bunny friends and Far Side is sure that the Fox will get any fowl that she brings home.

What is left for me to herd?  Although Far Side loves goats and fondly remembers her pet goat..I don’t think her resume will include Goat Herder with Border Collie helper anytime soon.  She says IF she were younger and had a proper barn she would give it a go.

So I herd the chipmunks.  One was real stupid and only entertained me for half of a day. I had it cornered in a drain pipe out behind Far Guys garage..Far Guy couldn’t take the barking any longer and stuck a broom handle down the pipe and wouldn’t you know it the stupid chippy leapt right into my jaws.   Chipmunks 0  Chance 1.

Far Guy brought out the grill and put the cover on.  Chipmunks now have a place to hide and chirp at me.

Chance herding chippys April 22 2012
Border Collies need jobs.  My job is to herd chipmunks, chase squirrels and to play ball:)


  1. And you're really good at it, too, Chance. Have a great day!

  2. Looks good on your resume too.

  3. Those darn chippies, they will make you crazy!! Glad you scored one.

  4. Sounds like you've got it covered, Chance. A bit like the grill... Those chipmunks don't have a chance around Chance! :-)

  5. Way to go, Chance. Those chipmunks don't stand a chance with you on the job.

  6. Thats cute ! Miggy herds Papa when he is on the tractor she has Collie in her and it shows at times ! Hope you get to herd more fun stuff Chance ! Have a good day ! Miggy sends kisses !

  7. Please tell Chance that the plural form of a word - such as Border Collies and Guineas - does not need an apostrophe. That is only needed if it is used as a possesive. Thanks from a correct grammer nut! Love your blog, and read it first thing every morning!!

    1. Thanks for the correction..Chance changed everything so it should be perfect now:)

  8. My nephew owns two border collies without jobs; maybe, they could come over and help you out. Their names are Rowdy and Gator if they drop by for a visit.

  9. Tucker here..... wish I had some chipmunks to herd. I do have bunnies - or rather, I used to have bunnies. Br'er Fox moved into the neighborhood. I suspect that those bunnies who are left might need to get their things in order.
    Hey, come visit me! We can play together and maybe find some sheep to herd!

  10. Good job on the varmint control, Chance!

  11. When my wife and I use to visit Grand Marais in the summer Button, the killer poodle, loved to chase and corner the chipmunks in the one large bush along the bay. He would spend so much time circling and barking at that bush. When he would quit barking the chipmunk would stick his head out looking to see if he could get a donut.

  12. to anonymous:

    I too object to writers using an apostrophe to indicate plural! But my daughter commented that maybe Spell Checks are responsible for this. Whatever - I do hate to see those apostrophes. Apostrophes denote possession. I am another grammar and spelling Nut.

  13. A tip from Reba to Chance- if you herd silently, you get to do it waaaaay longer- they won't notice and it's only when they get to wondering where you are that you get interrupted!

  14. Oh Chance, so happy the chippies are around so you are not out of a job. Enjoy!

  15. Oh Chance...I know exactly how you feel! Didn't they know when they got us that we are part of that group called "Working Dogs"? We have lots of critters here that I could herd but they don't come in our yard anymore. I don't know why and I can't go out of my yard to look for them. Once in awhile I try to herd Sam with her wheelbarrow. It's a fierce looking thing and I can tell that "farmgirl" Sam doesn't always have control of it so I bite at it's "legs" and try and help her maneuver it but for some reason she doesn't seem to appreciate it much. We need REAL jobs but nowadays with the economy and everything what's a dog to do? Glad you at least have some chipmunks there. We get some voles once in awhile and there's a squirrel that likes to tease Annie and I but that's about it.
    It was nice to chat with you as she never usually lets me on here but she's out mowing so what she doesn't know won't hurt her! LOL!
    Paws and Jaws, your friend....Nitty (and Annie too but she was too short to reach the keyboard).

  16. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO Understand!!!



  17. Hmmm...so you need a "low maintenance", "fox-proof", "gone in the winter times" (perhaps edible), beast to herd.

    There has to be something that fits the bill. I think we can rule out my favorite, elephants - but gosh, Chance... imagine herding one (or more) of those?!?! And they wouldn't escape up any drain pipes or slip under outdoor grill covers either. Of course they do paint their toe nails red and hide in cherry trees...

    So, a smallish, summer animal... preferably not too dumb. What do you think of Pot Bellied Pigs, Chance?

  18. Sounds like the chipmunks have a job, too! LOLOL! ;)

  19. Oh Chance...he leaped into your jaw??? Reminds me of the time Tiger the Wonder Dog (God rest his soul) was playin' with a chippy. He'd chase the chippy and then the chippy would chase him. I told Farm Boy, "Awwwwww Tiger has a new friend."

    I later found the friend later...played to death!

    Yep, your right Chance. Every good dog needs a job! Sounds like ya got your work cut out for ya! Heeehehehe!

    Have fun!!! :o)

  20. We never ate ant of our guineas. They sleep in the trees or the roof of the barn. The fox got them when they nested. Ann

  21. LOL - glad those chipmunks keep you busy and activated!

  22. Chance, I love it when you post buddy! Keep up the good work with those pesky chipmunks....too bad you don't live by me or I would have Far Side bring you over to have some fun with mice....crazy critters...they are invading my camper....do you have any buddies in MI?


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