Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow

It started snowing yesterday afternoon..then I had a nap..when I woke up the ground was white.  I thought it might be an apparition or a nightmare..but it was not.


This is our first snowfall of the winter.  I have been wearing my crocs with may be time to put them away.  Winter doesn’t officially arrive for another six weeks or so..I knew it would be early again and it was only a matter of time.  I have to go upstairs and find my parka..and my mittens… and maybe my cheerful winter attitude too.

I am so not a winter person..I like it 72 degrees year round. I like sunshine and warmth…not cold and darkness.  Since some idiot decided to change the time..the sun sets at 5PM.  I think I would like to hibernate like a sleepy old bear..or a stinky old skunk.  ( I am hoping that all the skunks are sleeping away the winter..I let Chance out this evening off lead.)

We started the outdoor woodstove this year on October 30th. The woodstove keeps the house and the hot water toasty warm.  Far Guy is still cutting wood for the woodshed, he has enough cut for the winter but would like to fill it up …it must be a guy thing. 

**** Area News: Someone I have known for years ( since high school) is growing one of those Jack Pine Savage beards.  He looks like he is impersonating someone who wears a hat and has a horse and buggy.   I wanted to get a photo of his beard..since it was so interesting looking with multiple colors..brown, blonde and grey.  He was fairly uncooperative.  He only let me look at his beard when I put my camera away.


In our Senior Class in High School he was voted the “guy with the prettiest eyes” and  “a wolf” ..


I did get a shot of his other assets:)

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  1. We are waiting for snow here now. The past week has been beautiful but now its looking and feeling alot like its gona change to the ugly cold and white stuff. Papa used to have long hair and a moutain man beard lol . Have a wonderful day !

  2. I'm sorry you have to go look for your cheerful winter attitude.
    A friend and I were talking about how we would prefer that they leave the time on daylight savings, instead of switching back to standard. I am awake at four am now. Dirt went out and cut wood again last night and found a burried pasture drag. Neither of us remember Dale having a drag that looked like it, we never had it, so we wonder how long it has been there or where it came from.

  3. Oh No - Snow! I hate the thought of that stuff again. Messy, cold, and nasty. I don't look forward to our first snowfall. Please keep it in Minnesota.

  4. Funny pictures. I like to look at snow but that's about all. I'm way past the kid loving to play in it stage.

  5. LOL about the beard!

    It's not that early for snow, is it? For the last two years, we had snow mid-October or earlier. This year, spring flowers are still blooming!

  6. I'd love to see that beard, you describe it well. We don't usually get snow around here this early, and we're having a warm spell that is supposed to exit in a hurry tomorrow. But today, the temperature will be in the high fifties. But yeah, here the sun goes down at 4:30!

  7. I hope our first snow is a lonnnng ways away.

  8. We had our first heavy frost last night. We will be getting our first snow any time. If we are really lucky, we don't get anything worth mentioning until Christmas. That amazed us the first year we lived here. We always had lived further north in Ohio. Up along the lake, at least a light covering of snow can occur from mid October onward. Lots of difference in the weather between northern and southern Ohio.

  9. I like to look at snow, but it makes work difficult.....not as difficult as freezing weather, freezing makes it nearly impossible to water the animals, but if it didn't freeze I wouldn't be able to ice skate and that would be tragic!

  10. Sorry about the snow. We got a storm here a few days ago and it's been so cold there is still plenty hanging around. I agree it gets harder every year to drag out the fuzzy clothes and deal with the dark.

    You're going to have to find a way to get a photo of that beard, but the Levi shot is a nice one. Hehe.

  11. Snow....hmmmm here in White Rock I have heard rumours...but I won't believe it until I see it.

    Get out your winter woolies.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Hahahahaha!!!!!
    Nice assets. ;)

    I prefer 72 year round, too, but I haven't found that place yet.
    Ah well.
    Stay warm, Far Side! Maybe it's time for cocoa. :)

  13. Love your pictures today! Sorry about the snow - you knew it was on its way. If it makes you feel any better it is cold and windy here today!

  14. You are so much fun to read. I love your sense of humor and how you can send it through the blog for all of us to have a happy time too.

    Look at the crocs catalog or on line. I got some cool winter boots for me and they are CROCS!


  15. We got snow about ten days ago. Most of it has melted but the weekend is supposed to bring more.I haven't brought out winter boots, but I know where they are.

  16. LOL...Thanks...nice assets...

    We are getting snow here this morning...that nasty type of rain/snow combined...

  17. Sometime ya just gotta show of the assets!!! Heeheehhee!!!

    Honey, ya can keep that cold white stuff up there. I'm soooo not a snowbunny!!!

    I hate doin' chores in the stuff although it was 25 here this mornin'.

    God bless and snuggle down sweetie!!! :o)

  18. bad, way bad!!! We had lots of snow on Wednesday, should melt by Saturday or so they tell me. My crocks are still on my feet!! My winter coat is still in town. I'll bring it back next trip to the cottage.

  19. I wish the snow had reached my area. We need some moisture in any form! The time change has made walking the dogs after work a real bummer. Even with all the blinking lights the dogs and I wear, it's a bit scary (and cold).

  20. Since we have already had 3 substantial, measurable snows (4", 6", 9") you don't exactly get my sympathy... oh, but then again, I guess you do, since the physical evidence of winter is pretty yucky!
    I'm sorry!
    I agree with you about darkness... I'm not happy about the time change and I still haven't adjusted.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  21. No snow yet in Fargo. Been plenty cold enough for it, that's for sure. Chance must appreciate the skunk free running, though.

    Funny he wasn't proud of his beard. You were sneaky, though--LOL! ;)

  22. We had measurable snow but not much compared to others east and south of us. Our snow was gone by the afternoon of the same day but we did get a lot of rain before that.


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