Tuesday, April 10, 2018

166th day of winter

Not much melting yesterday.  What isn’t snow is mud.  The rutts will go away when we get a rain.

This first photo gives you a good view of June our resident snowbank.  Maybe we should guess when June will be all gone?  What do you think?  If you want to guess when June will be all gone leave me a guess …what day in April, May or June? The best guess will get a woodcarving of some sort.
Chance was laying in a snowbank.
Washing his chin….back and forth back and forth…keeps his white somewhat clean.

I got the dreaded silverware drawer cleaned out yesterday. Now all the drawers are done…I have 17 drawers in the kitchen…love drawers versus cabinets. 2 cabinets left I can almost taste the victory of a completed project.

Meal planning for this week was a chore I gave Far Guy, he did great and supplies were purchased.
More Thistle Seed was purchased because the little Redpolls brought all their cousins to visit and feast.
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June the Snowbank will be gone by:
April 22 Diane Daines
April 27 Tired Teacher
May 1 diane   Terry and Linda    Jo Annes Ramblings
May 5 Rita
May 6 diane in wis
May 8 zooperson
May 9 Wendy Danielson
May 10 Jean
May 13 Sandy B
May 15 Sam
May 16 KCD
May 22 Kathy
May 25 Cathrin Morgan
May 28 linda m
June 1 Lady Fi
June 3 Bonnie
June 6 Mildred


  1. Hmmm, with the weather as it has been, I'd say about mid May? I don't know! But I do see that you have no entered the dreaded mud season. We had that a while back.
    Before my house remodel, I had one kitchen drawer and two cabinets before the remodel project.
    I didn't really love cleaning them out then!

  2. I'll guess May 22nd and hope I'm wrong. This is the winter that will never end!

  3. It's always a good feeling to get drawers and cabinet cleaned out, isn't it. Been working on mine. My guess is may 1.

  4. I'm feeling pretty good and may give my kitchen drawers a go, no looking forward to it.

  5. The way this winter is going I am going with Memorial Day, May 28th. Congrats on getting the drawers cleaned out.

  6. Ah, Spring! "What isn't snow is mud." Best line ever.

  7. I've never seen a Red Poll. I guess we are too far south. I should clean my kitchen cupboards, too. But the basement needs to be cleaned out the most desperately. The good thing about a basement is that it is good for stashing things until I have time to deal with them. The bad thing about a basement is that it is good for stashing things until I have time do deal with them.

  8. My guess is that June will be all melted by May 10th.


  9. June will be melted by April 27th.

  10. Don't worry about warm weather. It was 6 C here yesterday so you should warm up tomorrow. It was really nice to finally have a day above zero.

  11. I am guessing May 16th for June to be gone. I really missed the my guess on the snow stick, though. Think it was snowing on the day I guessed. Don't know if I could handle 166 days of snow on the ground, being from sunny (and now proven crazy) CA.

  12. I am going to guess May 13th. That is a good sized snow bank. Sandy B

  13. At least the Chance likes the snow...everyone else is sick of it. June MUST be gone soon...for sure by May 1...so I guess May 1

  14. That is a lot of snow. My guess is June will be gone by June 1st!

  15. Moving right along, good for you.
    I was in Canada one year and was astonished
    to see snow piles still in June.

  16. Cute photo of Chance. You are doing a good job with cleaning/organizing. I guess June 6th, just for fun!

  17. Interesting name for a snow bank. I guess you are hoping she will be gone by JUNE. I certainly hope so, although Chance looks like he could appreciate a snowbank to cool his chin all summer.

  18. I'm guessing out there after this display of "Spring" we've had this year. I say June will be gone on June 3rd!

  19. I'm guessing May 5th. Hopefully before that, though. Thinking positive. LOL! ;)

  20. I have absolutely no idea! But it's fun to consider when June might be nothing but a memory. :-)

  21. I'm guessing June the snowbank will disappear completely on May 15.

  22. Let's hope "June" doesn't wait until June! Although Chance seems to enjoy it.

  23. All this talk of cleaning inspired me to rearrange one cupboard ( didn't get rid of much, sorry to say) and also cleaned part of the garage. Only part because 'someone' has a lot of stuff in there he'll never use!

  24. diane in northern wisApril 10, 2018 at 8:39 PM

    June the Snowbank will be gone by May 6th!

  25. diane in northern wisApril 10, 2018 at 8:44 PM

    Far Side and Guy, we have 3-5 inches of snow in the forecast for this Friday 1-3 for Saturday, 1 for Sunday and another 1-3 for Monday AND we are willing to share!!! How much of it will you get???

    1. depends on the storm track, we are to get some rain/ice/snow on Wednesday.

  26. No sign of winter here and I will say 1st May

  27. Very odd weather! I'm guessing that June will be gone on May 9th. Sure hope it doesn't stay until June :)

  28. I guess May 15th but now I hear you are getting more snow! Good golly Miss Molly! We're supposed to have 'storms' which could include tornadoes.....thank goodness for my weather radio! Congrats on your cupboards and drawers! I could use a hand but I'd have to pay for one! LOL!


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